My 3 year old daughter, Avery, loves all of the princesses.  We start our day together when she tells me which princess she will be for the day and which one I will be, the highlight of my morning!  You can imagine her glowing princess face when I gave her the new The Little Mermaid, a title by Hans Christian Anderson, NEW APP on my iPhone to try!


By Beth

Right away she was captivated with the beautiful images, sounds and ways to interact!  The pages are so well organized and vibrant- No problems keeping her attention! She couldn’t wait to see what else she could do with the book.  The Little Mermaid app gave her written and clear verbal instructions (extremely useful since she cannot read yet).


By Beth

She can watch and listen as the story as it comes to life with the 3D features appearing to pop right out of the book.  The application is easy for her to navigate so she does not need my help at all!


By Beth

Being able to interact, mix potions, play the shells, the games, the puzzles and discovering all the exciting ways to use the app is still keeping her busy!  Right now she is busy collecting “treasures,” and I can hear The Little Mermaid giving her directions.   I asked her what she thought of the The Little Mermaid app, and she clapped and exclaimed, “It is Great!”

So there you have it! Straight from the mouth of a very excited little girl, the new StoryToys 3D pop-up Hans Christian Anderson’s title The Little Mermaid app is enchantingly FANTASTIC!!!

Check out this short video that will give you an idea of the App:

Hans Christian Anderson’s title The Little Mermaid app is available now for iOS and Android.  You can read more about the application by following Story Toys on Twitter and Liking them on Facebook  on Twitter or on Facebook.

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