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Stephen Joseph Raincoats

Stephen Joseph and their super cute items have been around in this house for a while. All of the kids preschool backpacks came from them and we still have them in the house today. So when I had a chance to check out their super cute rain ponchos, which could really come in handy Halloween night and their Create Your Own Costume, which my 7 year old is slowly working on, I had to grab at the chance. After all, we moms like cute, colorful items that help paint the background of childhood!

Stephen Joseph specializes in bright and colorful gifts and products for your child. Since 1981, Stephen Joseph has been dedicated to creating fun and unique gifts while delivering service to our customers which exceed their expectations! They are committed to staying true to the core values on which the company was founded: they focus on the details, they produce the highest quality products, and they believe in making customers happy!    

Stephen Joseph Make your own costumes

And PERFECT for HALLOWEENStephenJoseph has great “Create Your Own Costume” kits!  My daughter is slowly coloring and imagining as she goes, what her Create Your Own Costume will end up being and I love that they have combined creativity and Halloween in one!

Stephen Joseph has everything from butterflies to superheroes, princesses to pirates and mermaids to knights! Let your kids create their own, one-of-a-kind costume! Or it’s great craft idea for Halloween parties! For more information on their Create Your Own Costume Kits, go to: https://stephenjosephgifts.com/ProductDetail/SJ111529_Create-Your-Own-Costume-Pirate-s16

The forecast for our area calls for a chance of rain on Halloween night. So having Stephen Josephs stylish and whimsical rain ponchos on hand for trick or treating when the weather isn’t so great…or if you just want a simple and easy costume!

Create from Stephen Joseph

For more information on the Stephen Joseph Rain Ponchos, please visit: https://stephenjosephgifts.com/ProductDetail/SJ100729_Childrens-Rain-Poncho–Pirate-Rain-Poncho-For-Kids

Stephen Joseph has hundreds of products for your little one to enjoy Halloween, school, a day at the beach, a family vacation, rainy days, craft time, room decorating or just some fun fashion accessories!

For their full line of products, please visit: https://stephenjosephgifts.com/

What did you find on their site that you had to have?