Channing Tatum.

Oh, do you need more?  Having seen his latest film, Magic Mike, I just assumed I could convince you to purchase this DVD on Blu-Ray just by saying his name!

But if I must elaborate…

Watch as the hunky and uber- talented dancing actor, Channing Tatum, lights up this movie as he strives to achieve a dream that he refuses to give up in Step Up on Blu-ray.  A little reckless, a lot passionate, Tatum shines as Tyler Gage in this life – lesson filled film.

Sentenced to community service at a school for the performing arts, Gage is hesitant and cocky as he embarks on the journey of discovering himself, love and a new passion for storytelling through dance.

Check out this great dance clip below:


Enjoy the extras on this DVD too as bonuses include bloopers and deleted scenes.  In addition, learn the secrets behind the dance sequence for the film and watch music videos with featured songs by Sean Paul and Samantha Jade!  And listen to Mr. Tatum himself as he adds his own audio commentary to the bonus features.

Presented in the clarity of blu-ray, you won’t miss a single dance step or the glint in the eye of lovers as they lean in for their first kiss!  Get into the dance sequences, the story and the talent of this cast in this fun and fast moving movie!

Pick up Step Up on Blue-Ray at your local retailer and you will be dancing tonight!

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