Educational. Beautifully told. Brightly illustrated.  Heartwarming.

That is Stellaluna.  And how do I know this?  Because the first time I put the movie in to show my kids, I was drawn into ity as well and sat and watched the whole thing with them!  That is when I realized that this is really a family movie and not just a kid’s movie!

Separated from her mother one night while out hunting for food when a mean ole owl tries to attack them, she falls into a bird’s nest and is taken in by the mother and her babies.  Loving her adoptive family she is torn between the mother bird telling her that she should be more birdlike and not hang upside down or be up at night and her natural instincts to be a bat.  As she struggles to fit in, her relationship with the adoptive family is strained.

Throughout her adventures, however, both Stellaluna and her bird family realize that it is OK to be different and that being open to the differences in others is more important than anything.   I love, love LOVE that message!!  I also found, as an added bonus, that this DVD helps me have a discussion about fear with my four year old.

She LOVES the movie but would sort-of hide when the mean owl came and tried to attack Stellaluna and her mother.  So, I sat down with her and explained that fear is a very natural emotion.  And that she was feeling exactly like Stellaluna was.  And then I asked her how Stellaluna felt when she was taken in and loved by the birds and she said, “like when you give me a hug!”  So this opened up a great conversation with her about feelings, emotions and overcoming fears.  As well as the ability to deal with fears when they come up.

I love this story and am thrilled that my children want to see it over and over again!  DVD’s like this make me look forward to movie time with them!   And that is wonderful for the whole family!

Released by Scholastic in February, Stellaluna is available for sale on the Scholastic/ website!  You’ll soon see why this DVD has won the Parents’ Choice Recommended Award, iParenting Media Award and the Newport Beach Film Festival Outstanding Achievement in Family Entertainment Award!  PLUS it has wonderful Bonus features like: an On Screen Read-Along Feature and a Stellaluna Activity Booklet (my kids LOVED this)!

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