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If you have a kid that loves Star Wars, you simply have to head out and get this little gem. The Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor Lightsaber is no regular lightsaber. This bad boy is just like the one that you see on the animated television series and is carried by the Inquisitor. This evil Imperial spy is always on the hunt for Rebels and your little Star Wars fan can quickly transform into his character. Good versus evil has never been so easy to recreate.

Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor Lightsaber

What I love about this toy is the various ways it can be played with. It can be a single lightsaber, a throwing disc and even a three foot long double sided lightsaber that is nearly impossible to defend against. Your little one can easily become super powerful with this powerful (yet harmless on this plane of existence) weapon.

While this might not be a typical girl toy, my little ones still had fun recreating scenes from the cartoon. There are all kinds of good versus evil stories that can be told through play with this creativity building toy. Star Wars has always been about imagination and cool toys like this only spur that on to greater heights.

The mechanism that works the various weapons into place is rather simple and works easily with a button. It can easily go from one form to another and quickly flow with whatever story the child is thinking up at the moment. Despite it’s menacing look, the lightsaber is not going to be harming anyone in all probability.

Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor Lightsaber

As an aside, this lightsaber would go miles towards having the best Inquisitor costume ever at Halloween. Make a mental note for all you parents that have kids who love Star Wars. It will be hot off the shelves if you wait until the Halloween season. Why not grab it now?

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