**Recipe by Beth & Tots**

Fun in the kitchen can be had by all with this spring fun tower push pop cake.  Delectably sweet and designed by the Tots is our theme for this springy confection! Just a few ingredient choices and you can watch their imaginations fly away as they create their ultimate dessert! For Tots, by Tots!

Spring Fun Tower Push Pop Cake


Tot #1: To make this spring push pop cake you will need:

  • Jello (you can use any flavor you like).
  • 2 Mini cupcakes (because we really like cupcakes)
  • Icing for your cupcakes (this has food coloring, Mom adds).
  • Whipped cream
  • Sprinkles (all different kinds)
  • SweetWorks candy sixlets
  • Any other candy that you want to use.

First you get your cake push pop container and make sure it is clean from the last time you used it.

Have your mom cut the cupcake in half.

Flop some jello square down into the push pop.

Add some whipped cream with that icing thing. Mom doesn’t let us use it very often after we used it to push the icing in our mouths.  If you can try this, chocolate would be really good.  (Mom says… Move on son…).

Add a little bit of icing and some sprinkles.

Push half of the cupcake down into the push up container.

Then add some more whipped cream and put the sixlets all over the whipped cream.

Put a mini cupcake on the top.

Nothing has to be just right and that is why we like to help in the kitchen. Use bright colors and things that taste good to you for the best dessert.  Sometime parents can make their stuff to fancy, and then they act like they don’t even know who ate it all. Well, it wasn’t the kids, I can tell you that for sure. Our dogs cannot get up on the counter because they are too big, so if you ask me, I think the moms and dads get up in the middle of the night and eat all the good stuff they want! Yeah!! (adds Tot #2) They eat all the good stuff.

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Spring Fun Tower Push Pop Cake       Spring Fun Tower Push Pop Cake