Gather your family, snuggle next to your kids, and get your hands greasy with popcorn on family movie night… Space Dogs has landed!  Or at least is ready to orbit your family into a night of entertainment and laughter!

You’ll have to get used to the dub over since this is a Russian movie and you’ll have to explain to your kids why they can not understand the language, but it is still entertaining and a fun movie to watch!  Because even my little two year old – who can not read – was entertained by the “doggies” and all that they did.

In this fun, animated family movie, two dogs are sent to space in the 1960’s.  They aim to be the world’s most famous Cosmonauts!  And even thought the movie is aimed to entertain and bring on some serious laughter, it is actually really based on the true stories of two dogs who were sent into space in 1960!

How cool is that?  This is a great one to share with kids the a good conversation started for a little space history lesson!  As adults, you may understand some of the underlying political tones, but the kids will miss them completely, I am sure.

The  movie is colorful, musical and sweet too.  In fact, it has a few touching moments that will make mom and dad take a deep breath of appreciation!

But one of my favorite things about the movie are that there are no bad words, no inappropriate innuendos, no violence or anything else that would make me uncomfortable sharing this movie with my kids!  The main characters do get sad and my five year old did worry about them, but the ending made her understand that everything was OK.  And when we all sat to watch it, I was relaxed and thrilled to see them interested in the adventure without having to worry about something terrible happening!

With extras on the DVD like a slide show, the trailer and a downloadable activity kit, this movie can entertain long after your done watching it!

Consider Space Dogs for your next family night!  And brush up on your Sputnik history so you can answer all of the questions that your kids will have when they find out that this movie is based on real dogs going into space!

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