It is finally starting to warm up after a very long winter and too many polar vortex blasts.  The smell of BBQs and roasted marshmallows are starting to fill the air and we could not be more ecstatic! Getting together with friends and family during these beautiful months of warm weather makes our free time extraordinary; and adding games to the fun is always on the agenda!  Snake Eyes Yard Dice game is a fantastic way to spend the days with those that mean the most to you!

snake eyes yard diceThe first reaction to the beautifully hand-crafted and heavy dice set is … “Wow!” Every single time we have taken them out!  This past weekend the response to these dice was undeniably awesome as friends commented…

“Man, these are amazing!”

“They are so solid and heavy, how cool!”

“I have never seen anything like this, I’m going to have to order some of these.”

“These are perfect for camping trips. How did you find them?”

snake eyes yard dice

A Day in Motherhood was approached by the talented artist for a quick review of these dice.  However, there is nothing quick about these amazing dice, other than to say that they are a MUST HAVE!  The games are absolutely endless. You can use the Snake Eyes Yard Dice suggested games or create your own!  Back yard dice create endless hours of fun, laughter and friendly competition amongst the crowd.  Every person that has seen these fantastic dice have had a look of wonder and cannot wait to pick them up and try them out!

 snake eyes yard dice

Join the fun this spring and summer as grab these Snake Eyes Yard Dice for your outdoor entertaining collection! These have to be the next BIG game coming to back yards everywhere.  I can think of so many appropriate settings to bring these dice and even more people that would love a set! You can order the large set, or even just a pair if that is all you will need to get the games rolling for your BBQ!

snake eyes yard dice

Snake Eyes Yard Dice are hand-crafted solid wood with no detail left untouched. They are excellent, skillful-quality dice that will last you for years to come and memories to be made with every toss!

These dice are perfect gifts for:

  • Mother’s Day (Because I love outdoor family games)
  • Father’s Day
  • Graduation
  • Birthdays
  • BBQ Host Gifts
  • Pre-Game Parties
  • Any FUN event!!!

Find out More about Snake Eyes Yard Dice

snake eyes yard dice

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