You know we are a movie loving household!  Our collection has grown to the point where I need another movie case!  And I don’t see a thing wrong with showing my kids movies that are age-appropriate and often.  In fact, we probably watch one a day with that being our  TV time for the day!

Lately, as the summer winds down, we have been having “Movie Night”.  I choose the movie and ‘surprise’ them and we feast on popcorn and M&M minis!  We love it and it has really bonded me and my girls together!

So I thought I would share my thoughts on some titles that I received in a great summer pack that included all of these movies plus my previously reviewed Kiara the Brave and Space Dogs!  Watch for the movie that is coming SOON that we were lucky enough to preview as well!


We loved My Friend Bernard!  What is not to love?  A polar bear, a great story and animation!  Perfect for my kids and their imagination!  Coming to DVD OCTOBER 30, 2012, this movie will need to be in your movie collection!  When Sam is scared of everything that he encounters, he limits the fun he can have!  One day, he meets the jovial polar bear, Bernard who takes him on a great adventure and causes him to face his fears!  My girls love the humor that was used to relay the lesson that there is nothing to be scared of as long as you trust yourself!  Preorder this title now and get FREE Shipping when it is released!



Mira Sorvino, Peter Fonda and Louis Gossett, Jr. perform at their best in the highly rated, family movie SmittyA handful of a teenager, Ben at 13 is sent to spend the summer on his grandfather’s farm. Resistant and defiant he befriends a lovable mutt, Smitty. With Smitty by his side, Ben learns the importance of friendship, family and being accountable for his actions.  I love this movie very much!  Even though it is not animated, my kids loved the dog and even started to tell Ben to ‘Be nice!”.  This is a great family movie and deserves all of the accolades it has received!  This is a MUST SEE for all families!

See the trailer to Smitty below:

My kids laughed and literally jumped around during the hysterical and fun, Donkey X!  Rucio, the bravest donkey of them all, tells the story of Don Quixote and even jumps in to join in the crusade.  Not to take too seriously, the fun tale entertained and was worth the time to watch!

Sometimes movies are just meant to entertain! Freddy Frogface was just one of those movies that was meant to make my kids laugh! There is a story line and the animation is good, plus I found parts of it to be quite funny!  Discussing the ever important subject of the town bully, little Victor and his fun dog, Sausage gear up to perform in a talent show.  But when Freddy Frogface tries to sabotage the show, they have to get creative!

These moves were great summer movies that will easily translate to year round fun!  Check out these title and more at and pick up your favorites today!

**I received a Summer Movie pack with the movies, popcorn and more for review purposes only.  My writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my disclosure statement for more information.**