Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening kit for home use has added sparkle and shine to my teeth!  Creating confidence and a stunning fresh set of white teeth, the Smile Brilliant system is an excellent alternative to expensive dental whitening sessions.  I have had braces twice in my life, so I am very partial to taking great care of my teeth; however, the stains from coffee do not seem to be eliminated with the over the counter teeth whitening strips and gels.  Smile Brilliant has changed the way I feel about my teeth! So much so, that I was compelled to bring my husband on board with me; with amazing results!

Smile Brilliant

So How Does Smile Brilliant Work?

When you place your order with Smile Brilliant, you will quickly find that their customer service is beyond impressive.  Each step is clearly defined for you, making this a no-fuss process to beautiful pearly whites!  You will receive a Smile Brilliant kit in which you will utilize to make your custom impressions.  These impressions are used to create trays specifically designed for your teeth.  They actually fit like a glove when you place them over your teeth.  I have never seen a more precise whitening system that provides me with exact  brightening over my entire set of teeth.

Receive kit, Mix pastes, Place putty in trays,  Make your dental impressions,

Send back to Smile Brilliant and await your custom-fit teeth trays!

 Smile Brilliant

Once you have completed your impressions you simply mail back in a pre-paid envelop to Smile Brilliant and patiently wait a few days for your trays to arrive.  You will not be disappointed, the turn around time is fast and you will be on your journey to a brighter smile! Your custom whitening trays arrive in a handy case to keep them safe from damage. They are lightweight and sturdy; made well to ensure continuous usage.

Smile Brilliant

Stained teeth are often something that you are not even fully aware; you see yourself all the time in the mirror and go on about your day.  It is not until you start whitening and brightening that you realize how discolored they have actually become over the years.  The cost of having in-office whitening sessions can be astronomical to say the least!  This is hands-down the most fantastic home whitening kit that I have ever used; and all in the privacy of my own home.  The cost of personal privacy, custom trays AND whitening/desensitizing agents along with amazing customer service goes well beyond what you will actually pay for this entire set!

Smile Brilliant

We have used our complete custom Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening kits and cannot be more overjoyed with the results!

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Smile Brilliant

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