I received SmartGames for review. All opinions are that of Adelina from Home Maid Simple and 100% honest.

Have you ever wished you had a game that you could hand to your 6-year-old to keep them entertained while you made dinner? Yeah me too. That’s exactly what I found when SmartGames sent me a couple of their puzzlers to check out.

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Truth be told, these games have kept all my kids entertained at all points of the day. Everyone’s favorite though has been Little Red Riding Hood. I’m going to chalk that one up to good parenting and a consistent retelling of one of my favorite childhood stories.

The game itself comes with some fantastically charming little characters and a brown path that you must take to get Little Red and sometimes the Big Bad Wolf to Grandma’s house. Included is also an adorable storybook – pictures only – that my kids have loved flipping through and retelling their own version of Little Red. While most SmartGames are meant to be played by a single person, I enjoyed getting involved and seeing who could find their path first – Little Red or the Wolf.

Kids love Little Red Riding Hood from SmartGames. ad

Parking Puzzler is another classic I grew up with , but it has become so much better. I remember we had to slide the pieces in one at a time, and then try and move them around on the board, and the solutions were always pretty limited. Now the pieces are fully removable, but the puzzles keep on changing. You can solve one parking dilemma, but will you be able to park the next one?

We have Screen-Free weeks now that school is back in session, but sometimes that’s tough on the Mom! It would be so easy some nights while I’m working or trying to get dinner on, to just let them turn on a show or hand them the tablet. Instead, we’ve started pulling out the SmartGames. They have games ranging from ages 3 on up.

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The last game we tried out was Dinosaurs Mystic Island. Sure we have a house mostly full of girls, but we still think the dino’s are cool. In this puzzler you have to make sure none of the carnivores and herbivores inhabit the same island. I think it’s fun to walk past whoever is playing this one and pretend the T-Rex is eating the Brachiosaurs. The kids have a good laugh and then quickly get back to separating their islands.

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