I am in partnership with Smiley360 in this program for the SLEEP NUMBER® DualTemp™ Layer.  I will be receiving products as a thank you for this post.  All opinions are my own.

You are about to see me gushingly rave about the product that is THE sleep better mattress topper! The SLEEP NUMBER® DualTemp™ mattress topper has given me back quality of sleep even at the times when I can not get quantity of sleep. And I am soooo not exaggerating at all!

Sleep Better Mattress Topper: SLEEP NUMBER® DualTemp™ Layer

When I first went to the SLEEP NUMBER® store in me area, I laid on the demo they had and fell in love.  It is truly innovative. Think of it as an air conditioning and heating system right under your body. You can cool the bed or heat the bed with a touch of a button.

Setting it up was so simple even I could do it!

The box comes with the mattress topper, the blowers, the remotes and the instructions. Simply put the topper on the bed with the two air arms hanging on each side by the head of the bed, attach the tubes to the blowers. Plus everything in and wala – instant awesome bed to sleep on!

I made the bed with ease – sheets easy go over the flexible air arms  – and picked up the remotes – one for each side of the mattress. They are motion sensitive so they lit up and I hit the on button. The remote asked me to put in my name – which is GREAT for partners because you know whose is whose and what side needs what individual temperature – and then set them to the coolest setting I could.

Sleep Better Mattress Topper: SLEEP NUMBER® DualTemp™ Layer

You see, I average 4-6 hours of sleep a night. Usually it is interrupted by kids  needing me, dogs barking in the yard or being incredibly hot through the night. At my age, with body changes, I often wake up sweating up a storm, kicking the sheets off and having a miserable time going back to sleep. Even adjusting the fans and air conditioning in the house does not help because my system is set up so poorly that I get little air in my bedroom.

So, for years now, I have gotten very – VERY poor sleep!

But the very first night I slept on my cooled mattress topper, I was instantly transported to the land of better sleep!

The topper takes about 20 minutes to cool down and I kept the sheet and comforter over the bed to trap the cooling air. It was actually so funny because when you first turn it on, the sheets ride and form a bubble! I actually stared and laughed for a second. It stops but it was fun!

I climbed into the bed after 20 minutes and sank into a cool, happy paradise. My body heat mixed with the cooling of the mattress left me in a comfortable, cool bed all night long! It is HEAVEN!

An added bonus to this necessary topper? The slight buzzing from the fans in the blowers gives me white noise that drowns out the distant barking in the back yard and, except when my kids yell out for me, I can not hear their tossing, turning and little noises they make in their sleep that used to keep me up all night!

Sleep Better Mattress Topper: SLEEP NUMBER® DualTemp™ Layer

I can not wait for it to get cool here – Winter is two weeks in Texas – but I know I will love the warmth of the topper that will keep me in blissful slumber.

I have to say – with better sleep – my energy is up, my mood is elevated, I am able to stay on task, I am more patient with my kids, and I want to get up and get at the day now! Even on the nights that I work late into the night and get up at the wee hours, I feel like I actually got sleep as opposed to just laying down for a second and then getting up!

This bed is perfect for a couple! The man who likes it warm with no fan on and the woman who likes it cool at night can sleep together, exactly at the temperature they want to, all  night, every night!

Sleep Better Mattress Topper: SLEEP NUMBER® DualTemp™ Layer

PLEASE go check out the SLEEP NUMBER® DualTemp™ at your local SLEEP NUMBER® store! You will be amazing at the transformation your new, higher quality sleep will give you! I am and I thought nothing could make me sleep better!

THANK YOU SLEEP NUMBER® DualTemp™. This really is a great product that improves the quality of my life!