Get ready to be impressed and to purchase the Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat for your house!  With the holidays looming, baking is going to be a HUGE event in my house!  My girls will do anything to crack and egg into batter, stir and help me time things in the oven!

Unfortunately, one issue that I have never been able to solve is that discoloration of cookie sheets that inevitably happens after just a few uses.  You know how it goes.  You mix up the best recipe you have, eager to savor the deliciousness of what you are making, dreaming of the look on your families faces when they bite into the wonderful food you have made, only to have your hard work ridiculed by the almighty, everything sticks to it, cookie sheet!

I have done it a million times!  Baked something amazing and then fought tooth and nail to get the item off the cookies sheet.  And then, if I over cook in error, I get that nasty brown ring that never comes off!  All of my current cookie sheets, that are less than a year old, look like I have baked on them for decades!  They all need replacing!


Fortunately, when i do replace them, I now have a solution to ALL of my baking issues in one simple idea!  The original non-stick baking mat, Silpat offers an easy to use, easy to store, easy to clean REAL solution to baking woes that ruin your best dishes!

Made with Fiberglass and food grade silicone, these flexible mats sit easily on the cookie sheet offering protection from sticking, burning and discoloration!  The claim is that nothing sticks to Silpat and I am on board with that claim!

A little while ago I made my favorite cookie recipe!  I simply laid the Silpat Mat on my cookie sheet.  I placed my cookie mounds on it, prayed a little prayer that it worked, and marveled at watching my cookies bake up evenly and perfectly like they do on TV!  No brown bottoms for me at all!  No having to convince the kids that the black ring on the bottom of the cookie is delicious!

Not only that, the cookies EASILY slid off the mat.  So easily that I had to chase a few sliders down with the spatula!  So much nicer than the struggle I normally have trying to get my cookies off the sheet!

I tell you, honestly, this is better than greasing the pan, parchment paper or any non-stick sheet.  And it cleans so easily!  Just rinse under the faucet and watch any remnants slide off.  Consider it a green product as well as it is reusable over and over again!  No more paper to throw in the trash!

Save your cookie sheets and your time and effort and enjoy baking everything from sticky candies to delicious biscuits on the Silpat Baking Mat!  I absolutely love it!

And because no ones cookies sheets should ever look like mine, (1) of my readers will WIN a Silpat Half Size fits a 14″ x 18″ baking sheet! of their own!  Pretty cool, right?  Just enter using the Rafflecopter form below!
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