A family memory that always comes to mind when I think of my childhood is board games. My Grandmother, especially, loved all games so when I went to visit her, we sat at the card table and had a blast. SCRABBLE has always been a go to for family game night! When was the last time you played?


The cool thing about SCRABBLE now is that it is more than just a challenging and fun game for Family Game Night. Now, SCRABBLE is in schools!

To officially register your school SCRABBLE club, go to http://www.cybergrants.com/hasbro/schoolscrabble

It’s easy to start a SCRABBLE club! The specially designed School SCRABBLE Starter Kit is a terrific resource for any SCRABBLE club. The kit contains 6 boards, 6 sets of letter tiles, 6 tile bags, 12 racks and as a bonus, The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary by Merriam-Webster. Play like a pro and order yours now.

To order please visit HasbroToyShop.com and search for School SCRABBLE Program.

There are real SCRABBLE tournaments where your team can WIN 10,000!  Register your SCRABBLE whiz for the 2014 National School Scrabble Tournament April 27 – 30, 2014! There is a registration fee for teams of two and the tournament is held at One Hasbro Place, Providence, RI 02903. But the prizes are awesome, including a $10,000 First Prize!


Whether you love your SCRABBLE game straight up or have a more adventurous streak, this option-packed game is for you! Play Power Tiles to spice up your strategy and sweeten your score. Team up with a partner to trade tiles and share scores. Or mix and match options for a game that’s totally your own!

My girls are little and I am using it to help them build their spelling skills! They love it and I love the weird words they come up with!

Get into SCRABBLE again and be sure to sign up your school and take your skills to the tournament!
Congratulations Lee M.!!!