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Bring the classic game back without the sting with Scatter Dodgeball ad

I am not going to lie… dodge ball in gym class when I was a kid was scary. Maybe because I was not all that well liked and pegging me with a large, hard ball made other kids feel better. I don’t know. My kids are having a very different experience with it now, though, with Scatter Dodgeball™. This fun and exciting new game is meant to get the whole family up and active while taking the sting out of the dodge ball game! Toy line COOP Sport is a pro at getting every member of the family moving, no matter their agility or ability. Turning their attention to Dodgeball for younger players, they developed Scatter Dodgeball where it’s more like touch football than football.

Let them roll or throw the die in Scatter Dodgball to get the game started! ad

Known for their best selling products range from Paddle Pickle Ball to Scorch Football. They offer a traditional Dodgeball that’s sting free (really!) with a soft foam ball. I was actually surprised at how soft the ball is in this game. I have played with my girls and have been pegged with their ‘hard’ throws and it is nothing like the old dodge ball in gym class!

How the game is played:

Each player gets two wristbands of the same color. Players circle-up while one player rolls the dice ball. The player wearing the colored wrist bands that matches the color on the dice ball as it comes to rest is the thrower for that turn. As the other players scatter, the thrower attempts to hit them with the dodgeball. Players that get hit must surrender a wrist band to the thrower. If the targeted player catches the ball, the thrower must surrender a wristband.  The first person to get all the wristbands wins the game!

Watch the laughter and fun begin as Scatter Dodgeball becomes a family favorite! ad

It is time to get up, get out and revive this classic game with your kids!! Sarah and I played it the other day, yes, you can play with 2, we just doubled up on the bands and ran a LOT! We laughed and had a blast and bonded like families should!

Who remembers dodgeball as a kid? Was it fun for you? Whether it was or not, Scatter Dodgeball ™ will entertain and get all of you active without the sting of the traditional game! You can purchase the game at Target or online!

Watch out, she is coming for you with Scatter Dodgeball ad

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