A few weeks ago, I got a pretty package in the mail with four packages of Sante Nuts in it.  I looked over the flavors, told my salivation glands to simmer down, and opened the package of Candied Pecans.

And finished the whole bag right then and there.  I did not even have a chance to take a picture of the bag…  so now you get to see what it looked like when I was done!  I’d feel embarrassed about devouring an entire bag of pecans, but I refuse to!

Because these nuts, in all their crunchy yumminess, are roasted by hand in small batches and in that process, they use a secret (they would not even tell ME) technique that minimizes the absorption of oil into the nut! Less oil means less fat, more crunch, and more nuts because all of that extra oil does need space in the bags!  Really, it’s true!

After I savored the Candies Pecans, I ripped open the Candies Walnuts, popped some in my mouth and then made my husband come take the package.  I could not let myself devour two bags in one day… hour…5 minutes.  That just seemed excessive.  

Then I thought, “Well, I HAVE to try them so I can be honest in the review sooo….” and ripped open the Garlic Almonds!  Now, you may not know this about me, but I could eat an entire bulb of garlic in one sitting.  My husband has kindly asked me not to do that – ever again – but if it says garlic, I am eating it.  And probably in mass quantities.   He took that bag too.

It’s ok – I found it later!  :)

The next bag I opened -again- before having the sound mind to take pictures of the perfect bags of nuts, were the Roasted Salted Pecans. Go to my grandmothers yard when I was a kid, pick up some pecan that have fallen from the 200 year old pecan tree, crack them open, put them on a baking sheet, let them roast and sprinkle with light salt.  Now, you have these nuts!  Perfect little nuggets of memories!

Interested in how they did it, I flipped the package over and was shocked to see 3 whole ingredients. That I could pronounce.  Pecans, Organic Canola Oil and Salt.  And all of the bags are like that.  All with three, maybe four real life, I can find them on the shelf, ingredients!  

It does not get better than that!  Sara, the single mom who started selling her grandmother’s recipe years ago, hit the nut on the cracker! I can’t wait for the holidays so I can give these to everyone as a fun gift!

And because I have an exclusive discount code for 25% OFF Sante Nuts – that I will be sharing with you (shhh) – I will be able to afford even MORE great tasting Sante Nuts with my family and friends!

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