Get ready to be dazzled and amazed at the coolest storage boxes I have ever had the pleasure to have in my home!  NEW Rubbermaid Bento Boxes and Toppers solved all of my storage needs for my review items, my office supplies that clutter my desk, my kids electronic games and their Cheerleading hair adornments!

Do I have your interest?  GOOD!

Now, the basics!  What are Bento Boxes?

Rubbermaid’s Bento Boxes are designed to divide and conquer your clutter!  With the use of Flex Dividers, you can sort and store your stuff neatly instead of just throwing them into a box, possibly hiding things at the bottom for years to come!  PLUS, you can pop open or close any one of the dividers making the box even more efficient in storing your things!

I have put these boxes to the test!  And since they are, clearly, extremely durable, I am sure that they will continue to live up to the storage needs of my very cluttered family!

My first need for the Small Bento Box is the office supplies on my desk.  I purposely did not take a photo of my entire desk for you to see because, well, you would call TLC and make them do a show about the ever missing desk top, but, I did want to show how the Small Bento box uncovered some of it!

Sure, I have a pen holder.  But it gets knocked over and lost in the mounds of bills, school papers, blog papers and more.  Plus, I am still digging through drawers to find other supplies I need.  So, I popped the Flex Corners of the Rubbermaid Bento Small Box and wala, the perfect storage area for my business cards, tape for envelopes, pens and my camera and small video camera that I use almost daily!  As an added bonus, I can pick the box up and carry my supplies when I work in my bedroom, on my back porch or when I escape to the coffee shop!   Perfect!

The Medium Bento Box + Topper is ideal for my girls Cheer hair bows, clips and more!  Yes, my two oldest daughters are on a cheer squad and have “Exhibitions” every few weeks.  The performances require uniforms and identical hair styles and bows.  I used to throw their spray, clips, and bows in a bag and then dig and search for items last minute before they go out on the floor.  Now, I can store their bows safely away from damage in one of the Flex Corners, their clips that we reuse in another, and their hairspray and extra hair ties in a larger part of the box.  In addition, I store their hairbrushes and combs in the tray and can lift the entire box out of my closet drawer when it is time to fix their hair.  Everything is right there, easy to grab and that helps a lot when trying to style two little girls hair!

In addition, I can throw the box in their cheer bag and have it neatly organized all day long!   FANtastic!

With the Large Box Plus the Topper – which acts as a lid AND a tray {so clever} – I utilized the Flex Corners to store the electronics my kids play with.  I do have cases for them all.  But, truth be told, it is a pain to  put them all in them and then keep up with them.  The Bento Box allows me to have all of the items in one box.  I have also noticed that the kids fight less over one electronic because they can see in the box that they have options!  And when we go somewhere, like home for Thanksgiving, I can toss the Bento Box in the back of the car and take all of their favorites with us!

The Extra Large Bento Box + Topper is the ideal size for my review products.  As you can imagine, I get a lot of packages and boxes ot my house.  After a while, it is hard to remember what is where and what came first.  So, in addition to my trusty blogger binder that keeps my blog organized – thank Goodness – I can now keep my review products sorted and stored and away from the kids prying hands. Plus, much to my husband’s happiness, I can get rid of all of the boxes and large envelopes that things are mailed to me in and keep my office a little cleaner!

And when I am ready to write my review, I can flip the lid into a tray and have the item easily accessible for accuracy!

These Rubbermaid Bento Boxes are ideal for any home, any room and any storage need!  From DVD’s to magazines, file folders to toys, they are easy to use, stack-able and stylish to boot!   And because they are made of easy to maintain polyester fabric, they can be wiped down with a simple damp cloth!

Head over to to check out the three colors and get even more ideas on how to use your Bento Boxes to declutter your house!  Put some in your cart and start organizing today!

Thanks to the amazing people at Rubbermaid, YOU get a shot at winning the exact same pack I did!  You’ll get four Bento Boxes, ranging in size from Small to Extra Large plus three toppers!   Color to be determined but really, won’t any of the awesome colors do?


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