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Rubber baby buggy bumper review

We just received the Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers CD  from Trout Fishing in America to review and it was a HIT!

Rubber baby buggy bumper review

I love any activity for my kids that involves movement.  Today was a rainy chilly summer day, so dancing and listening to a CD was a PERFECT activity.  They giggled and laughed at all the funny songs and danced their little hearts out.

Rubber baby buggy bumper review

My kids have an older sister who is 15, so their FAVORITE song was “My Sister Kissed Her Boyfriend”.  The seriously giggled and giggled listening to it!  The songs on the Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers are very catchy and definitely capture of the attention of young children.  It also definitely promotes them to get up and MOVE!  WIN WIN!

Rubber baby buggy bumper review

This album is available on September 3, 2013 and I would recommend it for anyone with little ones.  For a rainy afternoon, a car ride, or just any day fun this CD definitely fits the bill.  My kids are 5 and 7 years old and definitely found it entertaining.  We are going on a 3 hour car ride in 2 days and this CD will definitely be playing.  I am sure by then they will have the words memorized and will be singing their little hearts out to this amusing catchy CD!

Rubber baby buggy bumper review

I have to say that even I enjoyed the CD.  A lot of times kids music is too sugary sweet and gets annoying after a few songs.  BUT, this one is actually fun to listen to for me as well.  It is a mix of funny, quirky, cute and goofy.  The song titles themselves amused me.  From “Creepy Dead Bug” to “Don’t Touch My Stuff” it is fun fun fun!!!  Again, I would definitely recommend this to anyone with small children.  Rubber baby buggy bumpers is a great listen from start to finish!

To listen, visit:   http://www.troutmusic.com/about/press-and-purchaser-information/rubber-baby-buggy-bumpers/

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Suggested retail prices: $14.98, $9.99 digital

Release Date Sept 3rd, 2013

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