Oh Rock ‘N Learn, how I love you!  And not just because you send me great products to review, but because you send me great products to review that get my kids up and moving, learning and shaking, and begging to see more!

The latest edition of RockNLearn.com GOLD to enter my house is Nursery Rhymes!  Now this is F U N!

I wish to goodness I could get my video camera to download on my little Netbook what my kids do when this DVD comes on!  Literally, they sing every word and mimic every move! And it is now their #1 requested video.

Well…  1st they want Nursery Rhymes, and then Getting Ready for Kindergarten, and then Money and Making Change , and then some Spanish, and then I have to cut them off and tell them that we have a whole yard and they need to explore it!

One day last week, while watching my kids be bop along to Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary,  Jack Be Nimble, Jack and Jill, and other Nursery Rhymes that until we got this DVD, I could not for the life of me, remember, I sent an email to my contact at RockNLearn.com.

I asked her, in blatant awe, how she came up with such amazing, educational, entertaining DVD’s, CD/Book sets, and iPad apps?  And in such a vast age range – from toddler to pre- school to elementary and beyond.

She email me back, I kid you not, with the comment, “I am just lucky enough to work here!”

Ummm – how many people even say that anymore?  Which goes to show you that not only does Rock ‘N Learn have wonderful products for you and your family, but the people sending them to you are eager to do so and thus you are guaranteed amazing customer service!  Take it from me…  it is unbeatable!

My curiosity peaked, I asked her how Rock ‘N Learn got started!  She was happy to fill me in!!

CLICK HERE to see the amazing back story to how 2 brothers – one a musician and one a psychologist, created Rock ‘ N Learn!  A wonderful story of life’s twists and turns that have led to some of the best educational products I have ever seen on the market!  I am inspired just by reading it!

The passion within this company, from the creators to the staff within, is palpable.  Easily understood in the products they produce and more clearly respected in the importance that every single member puts on children and their education.

How many of your children’s DVD’ s or audio CD’s and Books or iPad apps come from a true teaching source?  Well they can now!

I am humbly honored every time I get a RockNLearn.com product to review and sometimes go into a panic on how to do them justice.  But, I am learning, that there are so many facets of this company that make it so unique and credible that all I have to do it start writing and it comes easily.

I have said it before, and I will say it again.  If your home has children who love to dance, sing, watch TV, listen to music in the car, or play on your iPad, then you need to become fast friends with RockNLearn.com.

So instead of spending your hard earned $20 bucks on a movie that only allows kids to interact by sitting, spend it on a quality, entertaining DVD that has them up and learning and smiling!

OR – spend even less – use the discount code jq7711 and get 25% off your RockNLearn.com order!

You will come back and thank me!

You will….  I promise!

And now to the popular giveaway of an amazing educational product!

Rock ‘N Learn is giving one of my lucky readers a DVD or CD/Book of their choice!

The Giveaway

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