I am SO excited!  This is the first year since that stick showed 2 lines that I will have all three in school at least 2 days a week!  Yes, the little one, the baby, the stinker, Megan, starts preschool with her sister Sarah!  And though she is super excited, she is also apprehensive.  She talks about not wanting to leave mommy.

So when I found out that the totally awesome, and one of my favorite companies, Rock ‘N Learn, had a new DVD set that includes ‘PreSchool: Ready for School‘, I had to have it!

In fact, now sold at special prices at Sam’s Club (only $7.98 through September while supplies last!!), Rock ‘N Learn has an entire line of great educational, musical and fun DVD’s for your little one!  And they don’t stop with PreSchool!  The UpGrades DVD’s help teach your kids as they grow!

These are just great for my kids.  On the Ready for School DVD that I received, skills like listening, cleaning your room and printing letters are discussed!  Let your kids impress their classmates by knowing how to tie their shoes and getting dressed on their own!

My girls have watched it several times and even my stubborn, sweet Megan is starting to catch on to the cleaning the room (thank you Jesus!) and wants to have tie shoes.  She has gone from worrying about me to wanting to go to school and asking me every day if tofay is the day!

If you have a child, ages 2+, Rock ‘N Learn should be on your must have DVD list!  There is something to grow with your kids through high school and they are all taught with music, creative stories and at the right level for the kids watching it.  There is a reason that the series has won over 100 Awards!

And because everyone with kids should have a chance to try these out, (1) of my winners will get the same Ready for School DVD that I did!  Just enter via the Rafflecopter form below!

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