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Katie, my kindergartner, got her very first report card a few weeks ago and got great scores!  Next to all of the letters that she knew was a check mark.  I thought it meant that she could recognize them.  But at the parent – teacher conference, I was told that they meant that she knew all of the letter sounds that went with them!  And she was one of the only kids in the class that knew all of them!

Now before you think I am Mother of the Year, let me just tell you, I owe almost all of it to Rock ‘N Learn and their amazing line of educational DVD’s that span from preschoolers to high schoolers!

Their latest release, an updated version of their award winning Letter Sounds, is sure to keep the tradition of my kids knowing their sounds intact is the perfect holiday stocking stuffer this year!

From The New Alphabet Song {so COOL!) to the Common Sight Words to reading full sentences, this wonderful DVD takes my kids from the letter to the sounds to the usage to the completed communication in a fun and exciting easy!  Using unique songs and great animated characters, my kids don’t even know they are being taught!

Check out a snippet of the DVD here:

Rock ‘N Learn has an entire line of DVD’s, book and CD sets, Android and iPhone apps and more!  It really is a fantastic website with great products to aide in any child’s education!  There is a reason I have reviewed every single video they have!

You can save 25% on your order on by using code JQ7711!

Thanks to the continued generosity of Rock ‘N Learn, one of my readers gets to WIN a copy of a dvd or a book and CD set of their choice! Just click [continue reading] for easy Rafflecopter entry!

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