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Halloween is around the corner and it is time to put on our creative hats and make some delicious snacks for kids – and us! The other day I was looking Pinterest checking for awesome and fairly easy treats to make for my school’s bale sale! I saw some Rice Krispie Pumpkins and decided to see if I could make them too!

Rice Krispie Pumpkins

I had to think this through a little bit for me to do it. I wanted very vibrant colors and I wanted them to still actually look like Pumpkins when I was done! The ingredients were easy,

I followed the instructions on the package of the marshmallows to make standard krispies treats. I added a few squirts of neon orange gel food color by Betty Crocker. The color was perfect!  Nice and bright like I wanted! Now I started forming the balls for my pumpkins. You can make them as large as you want and if you do a really big one, you could use three tootsie rolls as the stem!

rice krispies pumpkins

Here is a helpful tip for forming the balls: let the mixture cool for at least 10 minutes, then spray your hands with Pam to keep the mixture from sticking.

Once the balls are formed, stick a small tootsie roll in the top for the stump.

For the leaves, I used Wilton Kelly Green Decorating Icing and used a leaf tip that is sold separately from the tube. It was very simple, and the icing dried solid which made individual wrapping a breeze, since I didn’t have to worry about the icing sticking to the bag.

This was a totally fun and easy food craft to do and went well with my cakes and Banana Mini Muffins that I made for the school bake sale too!

What Halloween Food Crafts have you created? Leave me a comment below!

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