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We all have knowledge that we love to share.  We all know things that others might not.  And though we happily share them with those that ask, they can sometimes fall on deaf ears.

But what if you were able to be paid for your opinions and knowledge?  What if you shared a piece of information that was so valuable to the person asking that you were Rewarded for it with cash?

Welcome to  A place where you can share your knowledge AND get paid too!

So, here is how it works.

Search for things you might be able to help someone with.  Home & Decor, Specialty Car Parts, Travel & Dining Tips, etc.  Check out the questions, requests, advice other people have posted that they need help with.  Choose which one you think you can help with and submit your thoughts.

When that person reviews their answers, if yours is the one they like, you win the reward!  The reward is CASH.  The value of the Reward is determined by the person that creates the Reward.  So, if I need a solution for bugs that are eating my herb garden and I offer $10 for the best solution, the person that I determine provides the best solution wins $10.

And you only need to get to $10 to cash out!  I gave my opinion to someone who needed to know how to keep their ribs moist on the grill!

Now to the flip side of the site.

Do you have something YOU need help with?  Like my garage door that won’t close all the way unless I click the controller twice.  I do not have any idea how to fix it.  So, I am reaching out.  I am posting a reward for others – completely FREE to me to post – to see if someone can give me some advice on how to fix the door!  And because advice is driven by a reward of cash  – I pay my winner – I know I will find my answer soon.

In fact, it took less than a day or 2 to get responses that were awesome and helpful.  I chose the one that most helped me and Rewarded him the win – and thus the money I offered!

But more importantly, I found a solution to my annoying garage door issue and now it closed!  And it did not cost me the $115 service call quote I got.  Just $20 for great advice!

That is the beauty behind  You can give your opinion and ideas and get help for yours!  Social Media helps you earn and solve with ease!

What are you good at?  What help can you give?  How much can you earn?

Sign up at and get started today!

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