I am a 38 year old stay at home mom with three kids 5 and under.

Before kids, I was a little make up wearing, always carded woman who wore no make up and had never applied a coat of moisturizer in her life.  People told me I looked young for my age so I never worried about it!

That has changed because I am starting to look my age.  Lie to me if you will, but I look 38.  A good 38 – but 38 none the less!

In this new domain of aging for me, I am faced with the constant battle of what to use, when to use it, am I too young to use it, am I too old to use it conundrum that is the new market of skincare.  Between scrubs, lotions, peels, and other popular items, I, the girl who slapped mascara on and had to present ID to buy propane, is lost in the cluttered sea of beauty promises.

So when Reviva Labs sent me an email asking me to pick 3 items that I would like to try, really use them, and then write a review on them, I was ecstatic!

I looked over their vast product line and was impressed with their 38 year history of creating and making products for professional salons.  I was more impressed that they were the first beauty product company sold in health food stores.

Reviva Labs was the first to introduce exfoliation to the US.  And I can say, after a month of using their Light Skin Peel, I now know why they had the product that would be so groundbreaking!

I started using it the night I received it and, I have to say, as I took the product off of my face, I could see the difference right away.

My tired, untended to, dry skin looked almost radiant again!  And as I ran my fingers over my face when I was done, I actually thought to myself, “So that is how the women on TV get that glow!”  I lie not… it is really transforming!  I can feel the peel working as my skin tightens.  And taking it off is a breeze… just use  a dry towel.  Honestly, I can not stop touching my face when I am done!  It is so smooth and soft and refreshed feeling!

You know how you use some things and you have unreal expectations that they will show a difference in just one use?  And then you are let down and wondering how long it will take to see a difference?  And it is all kind of exhausting?  And you feel a little jipped?

This is the opposite!  Instantly gratifying, instantly transforming, easily addicting, totally affordable! I actually took photos of me using it and -yes, I believe in it so much I am posting them {please be nice!!}!  But I want you guys to know how easy these products are to use and how much they make a difference!

Reviva already had me in love with their light skin peel.  And when I used their High Potency Collagen Serum that boosts skins moisture and their Myoxino Infused Collagen – Fibre Eye Pad Kit, I had no reason to change my opinion.

Just as with the Light Skin Peel, I was not disappointed!

The Collagen Serum is a use every night product and it certainly does work!  My skin has a brightness to it that even my husband notices!  With no make up!  And my standard pony tail!

The Eye Pads, paired with the Skin Energizing Gel (included) lived up to their promise to give my baggy, dark circled, tired eyes a boost of firmness.  The effect was temporary at first but I swear I can see a lasting difference after just 4 weeks of once a week use!

All in all, I’d have to say I am surprisingly thrilled with the products of Reviva Labs!  I can think of not one thing to warn you of or that you need to be aware of.  They truly live up to the promises on their website and I can certainly see the differences in my skin!


All of the products available from Reviva Labs can be purchased on their website!


Reviva Labs is generously offering one of my readers the exact same products I received.  An $83 value!


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**I received the products discussed for review purposes only.  All writings and opinions are 100% mine and can not be duplicated without prior permission.  Please see my Disclaimers page for more information.**