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Christmas vacation is here.  Two glorious weeks of shopping, celebrating, spending time with family and opening gifts.  One of our favorite things to do while home with our kids is to play games.  Any kind of game – board, card, charades…  just as long as we are together, laughing and having fun.  Rules are unimportant.  They kind of have to be with three kids 5 and under.

It is also time to have the neighbors over and have some foods that we are not supposed to eat, stay up too late and spend some time celebrating the fact that we are lucky enough to live around each other!  Another great opportunity to pull out some games, have some fun and act like kids again!

These are both awesome opportunities to pull out the NEW and exciting games, Reverse Charades and Reverse Charades: Junior Edition!

And it is exactly what it says!  Take Charades and flip it backwards.  Instead of a group of people trying to guess what one person is acting out, one person tries to guess what a group of people are acting out!   This perfect for my kids who, though a little young to really understand the rules, find it the best thing ever to stand up with their sisters and “play” like a character, thing, actions and more.

I am still laughing at my 2 year old trying to “flip pancakes”.  And my 5 year old trying to be a “spoon” was just plain hysterical – to all of us!  Mine are, as you can imagine, too young to really understand the game and all of the words.  And only one of them can read so we have to help them “get into character”, but it is all great fun!  And when me and my husband get up – because it is always the kids against the parents, the answers they give – all screaming at once instead of one at a time – are amazingly clever!

If you kids are 5 and up and can understand acting out verbs, nouns, adjectives and more then this game will shoot to the top of the list on family game night!

Now, substitute adults in the place of children, give them words like “c-section” (especially when a group of men are doing that one!), “elevator music” and “sticky”, make them follow the rules and get ready to laugh, squeal and act like crazy people in the most joyous ways!

Now, I don’t have any video – or even photos since I killed my battery during game night – but check out this video on the website that will sell this game to you without my even having to type another word!


And check out the awards groups that agree with me:  Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal 2011 award —Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year Award 2011 — Major Fun Keeper Award 2011 — NAPPA Gold Seal 2011 — Tillywig Laugh Out Loud 2011 — Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children’s Product 2011 — Parent’s Choice Award Spring 2011 — Mom’s Best Award 2011 — The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval 2011 — The Toy Man 2011-2012: Award of Excellence and e-Choice Award — KSL Studio 5 TV — Best New Family Game 2010.  

We have only had these games a few days but I can tell you that in the time we have taken to play them, they are fantastic!  Easy to start – no booklet of rules and regulations and tricks and tips – easy to understand, even for young kids, and easy to laugh and love!

These games are perfect at parties, kids gatherings like sports parties, school functions, rainy days, sunny days and all the days in between!

Don’t want to take the box to play?  Download it from the iTunes store for FREE!

Pick up Reverse Charades or Reverse Charades: Junior Edition at your local retailer.  You can also order it online at and on Amazon for as low as $18.48! 

And because I, and the creators of the game, are so sure you’ll love it as well, one (1) of my readers get to win a game!   You get to choose the Junior Edition or the regular one upon winning!  And then keep my email because you’ll come back to me in days and tell me how awesome it is!

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