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Water is water, right?  It is all the same.  The only real difference is between tap and bottled, flavored and enhanced.  Right?

Possibly… but some water does some really great things!  I was just introduced to resource Natural Spring Water and I can honestly say, I now see the difference between regular bottled water and this smooth, clean taste!

resource is a 100% natural spring water with natural electrolytes for taste, sustainably sourced and packaged in a bottle made of 50% recycled plastic.* resource water is good for you and mindful of the Earth. With natural electrolytes for taste, its recycled bottle helps you keep nature in mind too. 

It is more than just hydration, it’s Total Electrolytenment™. Electrolytenment™ is about living a more enlightened and holistic life.

I have to be honest, I originally though, “water”?  What is so special about water?

But with one taste, and then another and another, I liked resource water more and more.  First of all, it is an incredibly clean drink and the evidence that it is Natural Spring Water is apparent.  If you drink a lot of water, like me, you will immediately taste the difference and be impressed with the smooth, crisp refreshment.

If you are not a water drinker, this might just get you hooked.  It needs no ‘on the go’ drink mix or fancy addition.   It is really easy to drink!  The fact that resource water has natural electrolytes to keep you balanced and hydrated is simply an awesome bonus!

Pick up your resource water at your favorite retailer and come back and tell me how impressed you are as well!  I really think you’ll taste the difference!

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*excludes cap and label

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