My husband is mad at me.  No, I did not forget to wash his socks.  I did not throw kids at him the minute he walked in the door from work.  I did not tell his friends that he has a habit of leaving his boots right where I can fall over them.

Nope… nothing like that.

I went to the store this weekend and did not get more of the Renuzit Fresh Accents Air Fresheners that we have enjoyed for the last few weeks in our home.  In my defense, they launched in stores on October 11, but it is still a little consolation for him!

I can understand his frustration though.  These new Holiday scents are amazing!  And we are hard pressed to pick our favorite.  The Winter Berry, in its two sided holiday designed holder, smells just like fresh berries simmering on the stove, ready to be turned into your favorite holiday dish.

And the Festive Snow smells like you are standing in the middle of a Christmas Tree farm in the snow, bundled up and trying to find the perfect one for that certain corner of the living room.  Also in a dual sided, stylish holder, these are instant gratification air fresheners.

And they are so easy to use!  They don’t take up a plug in your house with it, there is no need for batteries, and they are child safe because there are no flames.  All you do is pull the backing off, place them in the holder, and set them down.  Mine are both taking up almost no room on my window sills.

And as I mentioned, it has been two weeks or more and I still smell the wonderful fragrances in my bathrooms!  And I am anxious to go get more at the store!  And since the suggested retail price is ONLY $2.29, I can afford to stay stocked the entire holiday season in every room!  That is one third the air freshener price that I was using!

Next time you are at the store, head down the air freshener aisle and pick up the Renuzit Fresh Accents Holiday Air Fresheners!  And then come back and tell me that you agree that they are amazing!

AND, thanks to the wonderful people at Henkel’s Home Care, the makers of Renuzit, 3 of my readers can win a coupon for a FREE Fresh Accents Holiday Air Freshener!  Just click [continue reading] for the quick Rafflecopter entry!