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Come breath it in. The many scents of my home. My office is currently Simply Vanilla and as I inhale, I relax and savor the sweet smell of happiness from my new, decorative Renuzit Cone!  My bathroom is refreshing with Tahitian Breeze in it’s black container with a bright and stylish bluish green of the internal cone peeking out. My bedroom is basking in a Tahitian Breeze and After The Rain is transporting my kids room into a scented shower!

Renuzit ConesIf you have not seen the NEW – and, oh so pretty, Renuzit Cones, you need to head to Walmart to get your hands on them!

These are not hide behind the toilet cones, by the way. The labels come completely off and the smooth, clean design of the cone opens to reveal a colorful middle that can add scented flair to any room!

Renuzit on Shelves

I love the bright blues, deep pinks and even the dark black against the cream colored cones. They blend right in with my decor. However, it does not matter how good it looks if it does not work.

I have, purposely, waited a week to see if the scent would go away as so many other air fresheners do. So far, so good. I can even still smell the faint scent of Vanilla circling my office. Seriously, I am a little surprised myself.

Especially since these cones sell at Walmart for only $.88 to $1.19, depending on the one you get. Not too shabby for an easy way to scent your home on a budget!  And because they are so affordable, I can Choose Them All and change them out whenever I want to!

Renuzit ConesHave you seen the new Renuzit Cones?

To help keep your eyes peeled, check out the Scent Gents on the Renuzit Facebook Page as well! While you are there, enter to WIN the Renuzit Rendezvous Sweepstakes! When you win the trip, take me with you!

Renuzit Cones