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Hot wings are just good. Let’s admit that. The flavor, the messy fun time eating them and the laughter that goes along with watching everyone else try to eat wings. But, let’s face it, going out to eat wings can get pretty pricey in a hurry. Plus, I have always love my wings I make at home better than the deep fried ones at restaurants anyway. I have made my wings at home with FRANK’Ss RedHot Wings with their sauce for years. They have a variety of flavors that will set your mouth on fire if you want and all of them have flavor you will prefer over anything else.

FRANK'S RedHot Wing Sauces

I love knowing that the wings I make at home are under my control. I bake mine in a very hot oven and then crank up the heat at the end – like to 525° to get them crispy. I don’t bread them, add additional seasonings in any way or alter them. I bake, add Frank’s, shake and eat. That’s it. They always come out juicy, flavorful and delicious.

Any time of the year – football season, a break from turkey during the holidays, a girl’s night in – wings are a great snack. Add some fun dipping sauces and celery and you have a meal that will get your taste buds jumping!

FRANK'S RedHot Wing Sauces

Frank’s has some other sauces like their Sweet Chili sauce that can add a kick to many recipes! I want to try this Sweet Cream Chili Dip over the holidays. I bet it will be delicious and my guests will love it! A little creamy kick to any cracker or bread!

How much do you love wings? Try making them at home with FRANK’S RedHot Wing Sauce. The perfect recipe is right on the bottle so grab them and make them!

FRANK'S RedHot Wing Sauces

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