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I don’t think there is a mom out there that does not want her kids to be the best reader in the class. I know I want my kids to grow up like I did… loving books and everything about them. And despite technology that is a new constant in our lives, our kids will still get no greater satisfaction or joy than knowing that they can read and escape into a book at any time. That is why one of my favorite toddler toys that has hit the market recently is Read With Me Scout.

Read with me Scout #ReadwithMeScout

Perfect for toddlers to Kindergartners, Scout is a sweet puppy from Leap Frog that talks to your kids, reads with your kids and helps your kids learn to read along with him.

Megan is the perfect child to get Scout as she watched her sister’s read and wants to be like them so bad. My Read with me Scout #ReadWithmeScoutKindergartner, Sarah, is learning some reading but even she gets great benefit from playing with Scout.

The premise is simple. Push Scout’s number on his collar and listen to him tell your child which book goes with that numbered story. As he reads to them, they pat his head and answer questions about the books. Megan listens and turns the pages and seems to really be understanding what Scout is doing. It is truly awesome to watch.

As she finishes one book, she can go on to the next. Scout comes with 5 board books all together. Scout also asks 70+ interactive questions, lets you choose story time or sleepy time for bedtime fun and sings with your kids too.

My Megan carries Scout around and loves to stop and read with him whenever she feels like it. He is a great size for her and a new friend that she feels a connection to. I love that her love of reading is being enhanced so that she soon can escape with her friends into the pages of imagination every book offers.

Read with me Scout #ReadWithmeScout

Read with me Scout is available online and you can even get Read with me Violet for your purple loving child!

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