We LOVE dairy in this house!  If I told you we go through 5 to 6 gallons of milk a week, at least a block of cheese, and pack or two of yogurt smoothies, I might be underestimating!

I am a dairy fiend and it seems I have passed on my love for creamy, delicious, dairy to my three girls.

For a while now, with the intent of celebrating National Dairy Month, I have been trying to take my family and some friends on my favorite family activity, a picnic !  But between work schedules and rainstorms, and now strep raging through our family, I have been stalled in my efforts!

Well today was the day!  And despite the fact that my little Sarah still had a fever and must stay home with Daddy, I decided my other two, more than 48 hours after starting treatment, needed to finally get out of the house!

Luckily, I had already headed to my local Randall’s/Safeway and purchased all of the wonderful dairy items I was going to need to make my picnic recipes!

And I had so much fun shopping at Randall’s and snapping picture of all of the great dairy products and unbelievable deals, that I had to cut 90% of them from the included slide show!  Because along with my cheese, yogurt, butter and cream cheese, I got milk, orange juice,  fruit and pepperoni!  And I took 35 pictures of the great deals they had on these items!

So this morning, I solicited help from my sick little Sarah for the pizza rolls.  Don’t worry, she is not contagious anymore, and we got to work!

Cheese Pizza Rolls are soooo easy!  Just 4 ingredients and 15 minutes and you are done!  And I, literally, made this up as I went along so I am sorry for the inaccurate measurements!

Recipe – sort of

Pillsbury Pizza Crust

Kraft Cheese

Ragu Pizza Sauce


Roll out the dough as thinly as you can.  Use a pizza cutter to cut it in half.  Mix about a cup of cheese with about 1/2 a cup of Ragu.  You want it sort of thick so that it does not all absorb into the crust during cooking.  Place mounds about an inch apart on the dough.  Take the second half of the dough and place it over the mixture.  Press down the dough between pockets.  Use the pizza cutter to cut each pocket.  Use a spatula to place the pockets on the cookie sheet and then seal each pockets edge with a fork.  Beat the egg and add a bit of water to make egg wash.  Brush it over each pocket to give it that brown glow when it cooks. Bake at 425 for about 9 minutes.

So easy and such a hit at the picnic!

The second item that I really wanted at my picnic was super easy to make, Yogurt Parfaits.  Again, I just made this up in my head, but, really, these are pretty simple!  I took our three favorite types of fruit, bananas, strawberries and blueberries, layered them between strawberry yogurt, and topped them off with whipped cream!  Katie was my helper for these and she loved making them.

My husband’s favorite cupcakes in the world, I borrowed from Food Network star Ina Garten.  Flower Cupakes are easy to make, easier to eat, and always get rave reviews!  So that was my item that I HAD to have at this picnic for my family {even though he did not get to go, ultimately}.

Don’t worry, when I looked at the “at home supply” this evening, I do not think he is missing out!

Check out my pictures of what I shopped for, how to make these recipes and the fun picnic!

I packed up my recipes, napkins, plates and headed to the neighborhood duck pond with me kids, my neighbor, and her son.

I laid everything out and, despite the desire to feed the ducks and swing first, everyone dug in and enjoyed the pizza rolls, parfaits and cupcakes!   We even had a special guest, Mr. Goose come over and try to share in our goodies!

The girls got to swing and feed the ducks and run around with each other.  And despite my husband and middle daughter being absent, it was the perfect day to celebrate summer at the perfect park!

And we can not wait to do it again!


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