Baseballin’ is a regular part  of our family routine and we are super excited about Radz Sports Crazy Candy!  My two Tots can not get enough Radz candy; bursting with fruity flavors make them a real treat!  We love the awesome sports theme to support our favorite of “America’s Favorite Pastime!”   No worries though, Radz Sport Crazy candy comes in all 30 teams with a clip for your backpack, key chain or lanyard!

radz sports

In between running the  bases my baseballer pops a couple Radz fruity candies in his mouth and continues to rock on the field.  When it comes to these delicious bites, the hardest part is choosing how to sport your pride for your team!  These MLB Radz dispensers are easy to load; even for little hands, and they feature your favorite team insignia on both sides and the hair!

radz sports

Radz candies are perfect for MLB fans anywhere; they are peanut free, gluten free and kosher certified! Small enough to clip on to our baseball gear bag and safe enough to share with the team!  Warning: they go fast around everyone because they are delightfully tasty; but no problem because they have refill bags to keep the fun cranking all day long!

radz sports

Radz refillable dispensers load from under the hair; by pushing back the hair style, the tongue pops out presenting a single home-run candy! If you are a parent that spends time in the concession stand to fund-raise, these candies will fly off the shelves with their amazing displays custom designed to your specific needs!  To find out more about how to get your baseballin’ gloves on these awesome candies, be sure to visit RadzWorld!

radz sportsCheck out Radz free apps available in the Apple App Store by just searching “Radz”

Radz Sports Crazy Dispensers are a GRAND SLAM! 

Radz Candy Dispensers come in so many great themes!

radz sports


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