Every once in a while I let my kids get some candy at the check out lane.  It is not often but they love it.  But when holidays like Easter and Halloween and other events come up and I want to treat my kids to candy, I like to find unique, fun items that they will love!


Radz Candy & Dispensers are so incredibly cute!  The candy is Peanut Free, Gluten Free and Kosher Certified.  Plus they come in 4 delicious flavors:  Apple Smash, Radzberry Crush, Strawberry Splash and Orange Burst.

Coinciding with an online world that lets kids of all ages play in the virtual Radzworld.com, these dispensers are refillable, playful and are available in sports themes, zoo themes and even collegiate characters.

We were lucky enough to receive some the other day and though I had planned to save them for the Easter baskets, my kids hunted them down in my piles of boxes.  Once seen, there was not much I could do to stop the onslaught of “PLEEAASEEEEE!”

So I caved in and we quickly fell in love with these awesome dispensers and the delicious candy inside!


They are super easy to fill – you just twist the top off and fill them up – and the bag of candies that comes with one filled ours up twice.  My kids love trying to guess which color is coming out first and they love that they can snack on them when they want.  My oldest even clipped her Radz to her backpack!

Included in the Radz dispenser is the exclusive code for RadzWorld that allowes kids to play games, create art and watch videos too!  Plus the refill packs have fun toys inside for the Radz dispensers.  Ours each had glasses!

I really do love these.  If anything they are fun and exciting for my kids, whether there is candy in them or not.

You can order NOW and get them in time for Easter or get some for awesome party favors for a birthday!  Whatever the reason, your kids -and you too, I am not going to hide it – will love these creative, fun and unique candy and dispensers!

Collect all of the characters and accessories too!

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