I live in a house with three little girls and a dog.  And no matter how much I try, keeping up with the household chores can sometimes be a challenge.  So attempting to get stuck on soap scum off my shower doors, lift messes from my almost entire house of tile floors, and deal with calcified hard water stains can be super frustrating and time consuming.

Quickie Power Scrubber

And as I walk up and down the cleaning aisle for help, I often get confused, wonder if something really works and then just go to my stand bys and brows of sweat on tough stains.

However, I am pleased to announce that I have found a product – the Quickie Power Scrubber – that is so awesome that it even works on 2 day old chocolate milk stains on my non-sealed tile floors with no cleaner or water!  Check out the proof below:

I mean, come on.  If you have ever had a stain like this, you know how hard it is to get up.  As I continued to use the scrubber, I had it up in no time!  No water, no cleaner, no bucket and mop.  No slippery surface that my kids will inevitably fall on and hurt themselves!

So, you know, if this works on that, there is no soap scum around that can’t be cleaned.  In fact, I was SUPERBLY impressed  that I could clean my 30 year old  glass shower doors.  No one, except one housekeeper from about a year ago, has been able to get these doors clean.  Including me!

So I put a new scrubber on the Quickie and happily donned my AWESOME and Oh, so stylish, Glovables, and headed in.  Again, with no cleaners at all.  I just wanted to see if it can be done.


You can see the results below.  With no water, no cleaner and no ‘elbow grease’, I easily erased soap scum from my shower door.  I use the word ‘erased’ because as the Quickie worked, the soap scum fell off the door as an eraser does when you use it.  I was HOOKED!

As I left the now cleaner shower doors, I looked in my sink to see that that calcified ICK was yet again collecting.  So instead of getting out my harsh cleaner and letting it sit until I could pick it off, I tried the Quickie.  To my ultimate happiness, without any help, it started to break it all up.  Now, to test even futher, I added some spray cleaner and it did work faster and was the easiest cleaning job I have had in years!


The Quickie is TOTALLY worth the purchase and I think you will agree!  Pick up yours in stores NOW at Walmart and let it do your hardest job for you!


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**I received this product for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**