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Spoil Your Dogs with a Purple Dog Bed like Paisley


As you all know, dogs are a huge part of our lives. We have three beagles of our won and foster beagles as well. Currently, we have fosters and adopted out 27 dogs, or thereabout, since last summer. I love that we can give these dogs, some with stories that would crush you, a warm and happy place to land until their furever families come along. That is why, when I was approached to review a Purple dog bed for my pack, I jumped on it. I always want the best for my dogs!

First and foremost; this dog bed is HUGE! Which is AWESOME! I got the largest one and it is so large that my kids can lounge around on it too!

Spoil Your Dogs with a Purple Dog Bed and kids?

The Purple Pet Bed is scientifically engineered to help pets feel and sleep better, and features advanced properties specially designed for pets and owners to enjoy:

  • Pet comfort: Smart Comfort Grid™ technology balances softness and support to relieve pressure points and comfortably align a pet’s body.
  • Bacteria-resistant and accident-proof: Advanced antimicrobial materials with two layers of spill-resistant protection defend against bacteria, odors and fluids.
  • Built to last: Ultra-durable materials rigorously tested to handle years of use and abuse from pets.

Spoil Your Dogs with a Purple Dog Bed for Patton

All of the dogs in this house love this bed. They grab their favorite bones and just lay around on it and chew until they fall asleep. Because I have so many, the antibacterial and spill resistant material really is valuable. The fact that it is built to last is perfect as well because it can handle the multiple dog household year after year!

Spoil Your Dogs with a Purple Dog Bed


Purple has more than dog beds, thought. They have mattresses for humans too! From what I read, dogs will love those too – along with their humans!

Check out the entire line and spoil your dog with a bed that they will love that is good for a dog household too!