I am a Purex Insider!  And as an insider, I get the opportunity to try out Purex products either before they hit the shelf or right as they do!

I Love, Love, Love my Purex Complete Crystals Fabric Softener and honestly use it every single load!  Click the link to read my review and see why they are so amazing!

So I was very excited to receive my very own bottle of Purex Complete With Zout Free & Clear Laundry Detergent in the mail!

I wanted the Free & Clear formula to test because, as you guys know, I try to use as close to natural but still convenient products for my family.  The Free & Clear formula of Purex Complete With Zout is free of fragrance and is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.  Perfect for my family of three little kids.

The first thing I did was open up the cap and inhale.  I smelled nothing!  That told me that – indeed – this was not a detergent that advertises that they are free of dyes and fragrances and then slips in a little to make it more appealing. Purex has a true Free formula!

I always have laundry to do so I loaded up my washer, poured my cap full of detergent and  anxiously awaited the buzzer.

My clothes came out clean! Even the shirt I stuck in with dried yogurt on it.  I did that on purpose!

I used the detergent as a pre – treater as indicated on the bottle and then washed the shirt, and other clothes, in the same wash.  Uh huh – I am not recommending something to you that I am not really using and testing here!

I am impressed.  And am definitely a Purex home now!

Here are some other facts that will get you running out to get this product:

Quality Detergents Cost SO Much…

Not this one!  While you can pay in upwards of $14.99 for a large bottle of detergent, Purex Complete With Zout ranges from $3.49 to $7.99! Almost half of what I paid for my last bottle of detergent!  And I know there are coupons available in the paper and online so you can save even more and still get a quality product that is going to get your clothes clean!

I Have An HE Machine…

YES!  The formula works in my HE Machine.  It works in all machines so no worries there!

Does it REALLY Get Out Stains?

YES!!  Sure, my yogurt was probably an easy stain but because of Zout’s Triple Stain Fighting Formula, you are covered on all sides!  The Protease Enzyme works on protein based stains like grass and blood.  The Amylase works on starches like chocolate and tomato sauce and the Mannanase enzyme works on guar.  Guar is the stuff they use to thicken foods like ice cream and barbecue sauce.  You know – the stuff that sticks and you pick at with your nail that never quite comes off?  The Mannanase enzyme works on that stuff!

Is it Available In Any Scents?

YES!!  Besides the Free & Clear formula, Purex Complete With Zout also comes in the Fresh Morning Burst scent!  So you can have your clean laundry and your fresh scent too!

But if you STILL are not convinced that you need to try Purex Complete With Zout, no worries!!  Launched on March 13, 2011, you can now get your


Yes – try it absolutely free!  WOOHOO!

AND you can enter here to WIN one of 2 FREE Bottles I am giving away coupons for!

The wonderful people at Purex have sent me two coupons for my readers to use at their local Walmart, Kroger, Publix, or other fine retailers to purchase a FREE bottle of Purex Complete With Zout!


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**As a Purex Insider, I received the products discussed for review purposes.  All opinions and thoughts are 100% mine and can not be reused without prior permission.  Your experience with the product or company discussed may differ from mine.  ADayinMotherhood.com is responsible for mailing the coupons to the winners.**