A week or so ago, I received notice that I had been accepted as a Purex Insider!  I was even more excited when I received a beautifully packaged bottle of their new Purex Complete Crystals Softener in the mail!

As you know from reading my blog, laundry and I have a love/ hate relationship with each other.  I love it when it is done and hate that I have to do it.  So, basically, I am normal.

Besides the sorting, washing, drying, folding, folding again because the kids play with it, and then putting away, I don’t like that no matter what I do, I never seem to have fresh smelling, soft laundry.  You know, like the women in the commercials that inhale their towel deeply, smile a refreshed smile, and then fold it perfectly in their clean laundry room with the sun glistening off it’s cleanliness?  Yea, that does not happen here.  Half the time, I forget it is in the washer, quickly throw it in the dryer and then listen to my husband tell me it has that “left in the washer” smell that he can not stand.

Well, the days of my complete dislike of my nemeses, the laundry, might be over.  Or at least a little more pleasant to do.

Purex has come up with something I have never seen before!  Fabric Softening Crystals!  Really, I am not kidding!  They are so cool!  You don’t pour them into your softener cup like the other ones, you throw a handful in with your wash!  They dissolve and leave my wash smelling fresh, clean, and fluffy.  Like the ladies in the commercials!  And, if I do – ahem – forget about clothes in the wash, I can toss the crystals in and rewash on a short cycle and that smell my husband can not stand is gone!  But that is our secret, right?

In my excitement, I started really reading up on this product.  If I am going to spend money on a product, I want something that works, is easy to use, but is also a healthier alternative for my family.   I was thrilled to find all of these amazing facts on this new product.  And listed below are some highlights and what I learned from using it in my home for the last week.

*  Almost all of the traditional fabric softeners on the market today are oil based.  They work by coating the fabrics in oil.  Over time, that oily residue builds up and actually attracts stains to your clothing!  This decreases the lifespan of the fabric and causes that yellowing and graying of your clothes.  Purex Complete Crystals Softener is 92% natural.  It is not oil based, but works to penetrate the fibers of your clothing and infuses them with freshness that lasts for weeks, not days.

*  One of the drawbacks I have always noticed on my laundry is that my regular fabric softener seems to decrease the absorbency of my towels.  Even my husband says that there is an oily type feeling when using them.  The oily residue obviously interferes with the absorbency of a towel.  Therefore, I don’t use fabric softener on my towels.  Neither does my mother for the exact same reason.  But this product solves that problem too!  Because it simply infuses the fabric instead of coating it, it never messes with the function of the material.  And we have defiantly noticed the difference!

*  The Consumer Products Safety Commission regulates the garments designed as sleepwear for kids.  They must meet certain flame retardant regulations.  When your sleepwear that is designed to be safer for your kids, is coated in oily residue, it no longer meets these standards.  Purex has created the first 100% safe fabric softener to use on your children’s sleepwear.  It will not interfere with the flame retardant qualities.

*  This fabric softener is also safe to use on your expensive work out clothes!  My running outfits are designed to draw wetness and perspiration away from my body, leaving it cooler…  you know, for when I start working out again.  The high – tech polyester, if coated in an oily residue, can reduce the effectiveness of the fabric and prevent it from drawing moisture away when you exercise.

I highly recommend Purex Complete Crystals Softener to any one who really wants that super clean smell that lasts, softer clothes, clothing that comes out looking great wash after wash, and a healthier alternative for your family!

And thanks to Purex, I get to offer all of you a chance to win a coupon for a free bottle!  What is better than trying a new product for free?  Nothing!

The Giveaway! – Ends 1/14/2011 @ 10am CST 

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Good Luck and your welcome – you know, for telling you about this and changing your laundry chore for the better all at once!