If you are anything like me, the sounds of trickling water is soothing and relaxing.  But, aside from letting your faucet run – which can be annoying – it can be hard to enjoy that beautiful sound indoors.  And if you have ever looked for fountains at home improvement stores and such, the prices can make your eyes bulge out!


Pro Home Stores offers thousands of home and office decor items with free shipping and no sales tax.  Everything from floor fountains to a wall mounted fireplace and even a air conditioner cover.

Lucky for those of us who want a unique, beautiful item in our home that creates a calming, soothing atmosphere, Pro Home Stores has affordable, elegant fountains for tabletops to floors.  All available and shipped free and with no sales tax!

I was so lucky to receive the 8″ Pouring Pot Tabletop Fountain and I have to say, it is so pretty and elegant that I have it on all the time.  Forget noisy televisions.  Let the gentle sounds of water accompany the daily routine!

This fountain sat in the box while I traveled and when I did open it, I was truly nervous about how hard it would be to put together.  Well, I had zero to worry about.  First of all, it is so lightweight.  It is made of durable plastic so it is well weighted but easy to move.  The assembly took about 3 minutes.  I just attached the tube and placed the pot portion on top of the base.


I added distilled water to keep calcification from building up and plugged it in.  I could hear the pump working and then, water… that clean, fresh sound of water flowing, delicately dancing out of the mouth of the pot to the base.  It is so nice.  I have it in my living room on my table and every time I plug it in, I smile.

Don’t be afraid of moving water into your house.  Don’t want a tabletop fountain?  Dress up your walls with affordable floor fountains!   How lovely would one of these be as you have guests over for a relaxing evening?

My next goal is to get an amazing wall mounted fireplace!  We don’t have one in this house and I would LOVE to have one of these elegant pieces!  I miss that ambiance that fireplaces give homes!

Check out all of the awesome home items that ProHomeStores.com offers!  Need an air conditioner cover?  How about  a fire pit cover?  Check out the entire line of home decor and more today!  Remember, FREE SHIPPING and no sales tax on anything!

**I received the product above for review purposes only.  All writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**