My daughter’s are princesses all on their own. They know it too. So when I was offered a chance to order them some amazing Princess Dresses from Fun.com and HalloweenCostumes.com, I jumped on it! Not that my daughters need dresses to play Princess but it certainly enhances the imagination as they reenact scenes from their favorite movies like FROZEN, Sleeping Beauty and more.


As I searched Fun.com I realized there were more than just fun costumes. In fact, I got the girls Princess dresses from the Halloween Costumes site. On Fun.com, you can find all kinds of awesome gifts for moms, dads and kids! Character driven items that will help you celebrate birthday’s, holidays and any other special day. Get current character items like The Muppets, Mickey Mouse and more. You can get clothing, accessories and anything else well… FUN!

For the girls, I did order some awesome dresses. Megan, my 4 year old, helped me pick them out. Something with purple for Sarah, something pink for Katie and something big and poofy for herself. I ordered them and waiting to get the same costumes that I could find on shelves at my local store.

Except that I didn’t. I got costumes that are so much better than I have found around town! The detail, the quality, the lack of skimping on materials might just make these the costumes that make it though my childhood!

Megan’s very poofy Princess Dorothy costume is one of my all time favorites! The girls actually fought over this one and that is saying something since all of them got something awesome!

Princess Dorothy


The skirt is full and there are layers and layers of tulle that blow in the wind, swish when she walks and twirls when she spins! It is such a fun dress and she wears is ALL THE TIME!

Sarah’s Princess Juliette Costume was chosen for the simple fact that it had purple in it. But when Sarah got it and got into it and placed the crown on her head, she smiled and felt so beautiful! With a flowing overlay she walked around with her head high feeling every bit as beautiful as she is!

Princess Juliet

Katie’s Stardust Princess Costume is so sweet! Just a delicate dress made to last that brings out her pink side. With an included crown and wand, she was the belle of the ball!

princess dress


All three girls love their dresses. I love that they are interchangeable between the girls, are more durable than others I have and that they are affordable too!

Get your Prince or Princess their favorite character outfits, accessories and more at Fun.com!

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