Yes, I know that the ‘official’ summer season is coming to an end but we still head to the pool several times a week!  In Texas, you can do that! In fact, if the pool did not actually close in a few weeks, we would probably swim past Halloween!

One of the reasons I like to take my kids to the pool is to enhance their swimming skills.  And the best way, at least that I have found, to help them get comfortable going under water and holding their breath are underwater toys! We all know that when a child wants something, they will do anything to get it!

So I love the selection of toys at Prime Time Toys!  From water toys and games to backyard toys perfect for Fall to dart guns and more, Prime Time Toys offers affordable options to keep your kids active and busy all year long!

We received the fun and hugely entertaining Sunken Treasure pool toy and had a blast with it!  Included in the bright yellow treasure chest are silver and gold coins that are easy to see under water!  The girls had a BLAST throwing and diving for the coins in the shallow end of the pool!  The toy helped to get them used to going under water, holding their breath for longer so they could get more coins and even counting!

This is a great toy for underwater fun and is a great addition to any household with kids who like summer fun!  Get yours now and have it on hand for next year too!

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