I am SO excited to share this with you guys!   Really, REALLY excited!!

I have been engrossed in a book about organization!  I mean really – who does not need tips and help with getting it all together?  I certainly do!

You all know from my previous posts that I need more than help!  I need expert guidance, tips, and encouragement.

Say HELLO to “Pretty Neat: the buttoned – up way to get organized & let go of perfection”!  OK -show of hands – who could USE this book?!?!

You can put them down now!

Before I tell you how comprehensive, intelligent, and creative this book is, let me just tell you that I use to be organized.  There was a time when my papers on my desk were filed, my floors were food worthy, and my email box was so together people came and asked me for tips!

And then I had kids.  And a husband.  And a blog. And a household budget. And dogs.  And the craziness that ensues as a result.  Now my form of organization consists of “If I don’t see it, it is organized!”  Which has led to many crammed drawers, piles of paperwork, and a lot of time wasted looking for things!

As with most of us, I do not have time to sit down and read a long, drawn out book that takes quiet and time alone to read.  I need something small, that is a fast read but has highlighted, reasonable tips for me to follow… that WORK!

“Pretty Neat: a buttoned – up way to get organized & let go of perfection” IS that book!  Just in the first five minutes of flipping through it I learned that the actual authors threw away their To – Do lists – and lived to tell about it! – and that is really OK to say no every once in a while!

No, no.. it really IS OK!

My largest area of irritation in my house is my laundry.  I truly do not understand where it all comes from!  I, literally, do 14 loads a week – if not more!  And there seems to be a permanent pile that needs washing, moved to the dryer, needs to be folded, and then put away.  In overly full, disorganized drawers!  I feel like it follows me around, teasing me with its constant need for attention!  And I admit – head hung – that there have been many a baskets of unfolded clothes shoved in my closet when I knew people were on their way over.

Where they stay…  for a week…  shamefully, I write.

I know I am the ONLY one that does that…  right?!

After reading this book, especially the chapter describing Cluttertosis (Chapter 8), I started to understand that the reason I do so many loads to begin with is because we have so many clothes!  Do my 3 young daughters really need another dress to put on for 5 minutes, throw on the floor, and then me pick up and wash because I can not remember if it is really dirty?

So I thought I would apply the same theories and ideas talked about in Chapter 9: Tempering Those Toy Tsunami’s and see if I could tame my laundry issues by simply having less to do!

If a shirt is dirty or they have outgrown it, get rid of it!  No matter how cute they looked or how much fun it was to see them in it…  get rid of it!  Otherwise it will continue to be tried on, tossed aside, and mixed in with the actual dirty clothes!

And now I am trying to incorporate the kids.  Yes, mine are young, but they can still help me sort, take the clothes to the washing machine, fold them… sort of, and take them to their drawers!  Sure enough, with my two older ones helping, we have completed the task much faster!  And if they have not “played” with that outfit in a while, it is going in  our donation box.  Period!

I know, over time, with less clothing in circulation, and with my kids helping, I will be able to not only do less laundry, but tame it to a more manageable beast.  Plus, I can use the daily load to teach the kids about organization and putting things in their proper place!  A lesson I hope spills over to their toy collection!

I wish I could go on and on about what this book offers.  From great, timely tips to tame your inbox, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts, to Mastering Home Cooked Meals – even if you don’t think you can cook, and de-cluttering your desk at work.  This book is detailed, full of a varity of ideas, and a must have in any busy household!

Lucky for you – I am giving one away!

Yes – One lucky reader will receive the book that can help you get a new perspective on perfection, hold your hand while you learn to eliminate the excuses that keep your life cluttered, and teach you how to have your family schedule running like a fine tuned machine!

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