I have used and written about Pomi Tomatoes before and I continue to think that they are some of the best on shelves today!  With a crisp, clean, real tomato flavor, they are amazing in dips, dishes and as an addition to any sauce!

I have used Pomi tomato products since I found out about them a year ago!  I pick mine up at World Market but you can find them in many retailers throughout the country and even on Amazon.com!

The Pomi line has something for everyone and every recipe!  From the amazing pizza sauce that we use several times a month to the new Pomodoro E Basilico (Tomato and Basil) that is amazing on crispy bread. I just sauteed some onions, added some olive oil and the sauce and heated it up.  It was SO good!

From Strained Tomatoes to the Marinara sauce (great on ravioli!) to Chopped Tomatoes and Tomato Sauce, the entire line of fresh ingredients and 100% Italian Flavor comes through like no other sauce I have tried.

Even the Pizza Sauce can give your pizza that real Italian flavor you crave!  In fact, the other night the girls and I were craving pizza.  We wanted homemade so I pulled out the crust, cheese, Pomi Pizza Sauce, and pepperoni.  Super simple, super good!

The girls helped me dress the pizza and spread the sauce.  Now, one thing about the Pomi products.  The moment you open them you smell the deep, rich aroma of real tomatoes and natural ingredients.  But refrain from getting a spoon and drinking it.  It is super good on pizza too, I promise!

When the pizza was done – half pepperoni, half cheese, thank you – we all gobbled it up.  The sauce made it and was fragrant and delicious!

Next time you are at your store, look for Pomi products!  And then come back and tell me I am right about how amazing they are!

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