This is possibly the easiest review I have ever written!  Because I could brag on Pomi Tomato Products for hours and hours!

First of all, it is food.  And just as I can eat for days, I can talk for days about my favorites.  Pomi Tomatoes are now my favorites!  Second of all, my expectations for a box of tomatoes were far exceeded!  And third, it is about food…  wait, I already said that.

Moving on!

I had never heard of Pomi Tomato Products before I was contacted to do this review.  I’ll admit, at first I was quite apprehensive.  I am not a recipe blog and really, how different can one tomato product be from another?  I could not tell between what ever canned tomato was on sale, to be honest!

But as I read about Pomi, I became intrigued.  Made in Italy, 100% Natural – no pesticides or herbicides are used on Pomi’s tomatoes, toxic BPA free, no preservatives, no additives- including water, no artificial colors or ingredients, or even citric acid!  These babies are the real deal!  And because they are 100% natural, they have almost no sodium!

AND because the tomatoes are fresh and unaltered in any way – well, except to be strained or chopped – they are perfect for children and even pregnant women who might be worried about MSG or products high in sodium!

So, I took on the review and boy, am I glad I did!

My half Italian husband is really glad too!

One of our favorite all time recipes is Spaghetti with Meat Sauce made with ground pork.  But, it seems, no matter how hard I try, I can never get it to taste like my husband’s father used to make.  And though my husband has always been kind, I can tell that he wishes I would master this one family favorite that holds fond memories from his childhood.

I though it was me.  That I was adding too much salt – even thought it was what the recipe called for – or that I was adding too much tomato sauce and did not understand some underlying instruction on the recipe that was supposed to be the miracle answer.  Well – what a better recipe to try Pomi Tomatoes on than my husband’s favorite one.  It could not hurt, right?

However, not being brave enough to do it with him home, I made it one night while he was out of town and my friend was over.  Uh huh…  I am a chicken like that!

So, I pulled out the recipe, gathered my ingredients and went to work. Chopping and dicing and browning and  stirring.

And when it was time to add the Pomi Chopped Tomatoes, my friend and I both stopped in our tracks.  We just stood there and inhaled, passing the box back and forth to get the full effect!

WOW!  I have never, in my life, smelled something so wonderful and so fresh and so heavenly fragrant out of a container!  We were both transported to our farmer’s market where they let us cut open their untampered tomatoes and inhale them – taking in their full tomato scent.

Our stomach’s growled angrily at our stalling so we quickly poured in the entire box of the Chopped Tomatoes and added some Crushed Tomatoes to even out the recipe.  My gosh, my house smelled good!

When it was time, we lavishly ladled the fragrant, bubbling sauce over our noodles.

Oh.  My.  Gawsh!

If I told you that there was a distinct difference from the very first bite from my precious attempts, it would not transfer the magnitude of the happy dance my taste buds were doing!  This was real sauce!  Real, Italian, fresh, costs $13.00 a plate in an Italian restaurant, sauce.  Everyone devoured it, including the kids!

In fact, my sweet Sarah loudly announced, “I want more sauce!” after gobbling her first helping down in a matter of minutes!

I honestly could not believe the amazing difference Pomi Tomatoes made in our favorite recipe!  It was truly remarkable!

And when my husband got home the next night and I started heating up the sauce to serve, he said, “That smells like my Dad’s!”  And when he tasted it and that happy, memory having smile slowly crossed his lips, I knew I had finally found the missing link in the recipe…  Pomi Tomatoes!

I have since been ordered to have a case on hand at all times!

Since you are salivating and throwing on your shoes to head to your nearest Publix, Whole Foods, A&P and other high quality market to grab your own boxes of Pomi Tomatoes, I’ll share the recipe I used again.  You know, so you can pick up the other items you’ll need too!

Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

via Better Homes and Garden’s New Cookbook: Bridal Edition

Instead of the 1 TBSP oil, cook 12 oz of ground pork with the onions and peppers and celery

Now…  how to get your amazing Pomi Tomatoes!


Pomi Tomato Products are available at Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, A&P, Hannaford, and Publix Markets.  If you are like me and have none of those stores around you, you can order them online when you Shop at Amazon or at


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