I think most of us can agree that some of the best meals are those that have a savory, flavorful sauce thrown over them.  In fact, my husband would like it if every meal I made was slathered in some sort of sauce.  Sauces sort of top off a meal and give them that final kick, in my opinion.

A while back, I reviewed Pomi Tomatoes and , to this day, we still have them in our house! So when I found out that Pomi was launching an new line of all natural sauces, I was game for trying any of them!

From the four new flavors – Marinara, Pomodoro E Basilico, Vodka and Alfredo, I chose to add to my recipes the Vodka and Alfredo.

Initially, I thought I would have to make this elaborate meal and simmer the sauces for a while and really plan this out.  I could not have been more wrong!  All I had to do was open the package, pour it in a pot, add 2 tablespoons of water and let it heat.

So easy and wonderful for those busy days that need that quick meal fix that does not taste like it is out of a box!

My first meal was with the Vodka sauce.  I was really curious as to how what a “vodka” sauce would taste like. 

So I took some chicken, browned it up, boiled some elbow macaroni and heated up my Pomi Vodka Sauce.  When the chicken was brown and the noodles were done, I blended them all together and handed them to the ever picky family to see what they thought.


The vodka sauce has a tangy, very adult taste to it.  It is a very light, almost transparent sauce that hid in the nooks and crannies of the noodles, bursting with a tart like sharp flavor that woke my taste buds and made the meal!  I could taste the hint of Italian cheeses in the sauce so I did not even add Parmesan cheese!   We really liked it!

A few nights later, I tackled the Alfredo sauce.  Again, I was running late from school and events and wanted to put something good, that everyone would eat, on the table in less than 15 minutes!

I sliced a link of sausage, boiled a bag of angel hair pasta, and poured the rich, creamy yumminess of Pomi Alfredo Sauce in my pot.  I added my 2 tablespoons of water and waited for everything to heat up.  When the noodles were al dente, I threw it all together and served it up.  Simple!

And what a HIT in my house!  My kids even asked for seconds!

The sauce has an authentic flavor of Parmesan and Italian cheeses blended together with a hint of garlic and onions.  it stuck to the noodles but was not overbearing like some Alfredos can be.  It is actually a light flavor which is nice and – clean – almost flavor and did not have that oily feel that I am used to.  We really enjoyed it and I know it is on my menu for another meal soon!

Pomi has done it again.  Created authentic, Italian products that are in BPA Free packaging and made from the best ingredients that Italy has to offer!  Grab a few boxes and give them a try in your home.  The perfect, easy, go to ‘box’ that tastes anything but quick and easy!

Pick up your Pomi All Natural sauces at Whole Foods, Stop and Shop, Publix and other great markets!

 **I received the product discussed for review purposes only.  All writings and opinions are mine.  Please see my full disclosures page for more information.**