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This is a great little toy that is ideal for the younger kids in your brood. The sights, sounds and movements are perfect to stimulate growth and excitement in a child. The Stack n Spin Monkey Gears move in circles and allow the child to begin to understand the very basics of mechanics. The gears can all be interchanged and they actually move when the child presses a button and they are connected. In addition, the machine blinks lights and makes monkey noises.

Playskool Stack n Spin Monkey Gears Review

This combination of sights and sounds are wonderful because they allow the kid to problem solve without the pressure of being right or wrong. The room for error is large enough that a little one will get it right almost every time and not care if they don’t. This allows them to learn and grow in a safe, comfortable environment at such a young age.

The machine is made by Playskool so you know it is built to last. Few toys can survive decades anymore but the Playskool toys I have been around do. They are built to survive pretty much anything and this is no exception.

The machine comes with a set of nine gears that are all moving together and stack-able too. They fit onto fixed posts on the game that even the smallest child will eventually be able to figure it out. Once these gears are put together or stacked and placed on the posts, the child can then push a button to set the monkey into motion.

Playskool Stack n Spin Monkey Gears Review

When it does, you will not be able to keep from laughing and neither will the baby. The gears spin and the monkey starts making all kinds of funny monkey noises. Pretty much any child will find it hilarious and want to do it over and over again. It is a pretty funny little toy that also will help with their hand eye coordination skills.

The perfect gift for kids that are just learning to play!

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