**I received this for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.**

Anything that includes PlayDoh is going to be high on the Christmas list for most kids. My daughters are no exceptions as they love to make things and mold things with their hands and imaginations. This cool toy came and they were immediately all over it with very little instruction from me. The idea behind the toy is rather simple, really. Use the PlayDoh to create all kinds of sparkly things for the Castle, Palace and Princess Aurora herself!

PlayDoh Mix n Match Magical Designs Palace Set Review

I was impressed with the ability of the extruder to create accurate and exciting shapes. You can make a new dress, birthday candles and all manner of decorations throughout the kingdom. PlayDoh is fun all by itself so you really can’t go wrong with this neat little toy for Christmas. The PlayDoh is also rather unique in that it is sparkly! You have to love sparkly PlayDoh!

The kit is quite extensive and included a base, several parts to the castle, gown attachments for Aurora, cake attachments, Play-Doh and the tops of the towers. Also it contained extruders that would make the shapes for the candles, dresses and bridge. Few kids can look at all of this stuff and not be blown away. It makes the perfect Christmas gift for the children that love to mix creativity and Princesses.

PlayDoh Mix n Match Magical Designs Palace Set Review

If you really want to have fun with it, I would suggest getting some other colors of PlayDoh to boost the options for the castle and kingdom. That is what I love about this set though. You can easily integrate other wonderful toys into the kingdom to expand it and make it even bigger. PlayDoh is pretty awesome and safe to play with, so most kids will be just fine once you have the adult assembly part finished.

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