We LOVE LOVE LOVE Peppa Pig and her whole family!  It is one of those shows that we have constantly on DVR to record.  My kids love to ‘snort’ and learn along with Peppa and her whole family!

Peppa Pig


But, at least until recently, it was hard to find toys, books and even DVD”s that I could get for my kids to help foster their love for this wholesome character.  Luckily, Toys ‘R Us now hosting toys and more of Peppa Pig and I could NOT be more excited!

We received a collection of what is on shelves and it is SO fun!  My girl squealed with delight as we opened the box and found the DVD, the Book, the super cute toys and the playhouse!  I am going to break this down for you so that you can see how AWESOME all of this is for your Peppa Pig fan!

The Peppa Pig Peek ‘N Surprise Playhouse

Peppa Pif PLayhouse

Totally worth any price you pay!  My girls adore this little house, the family and the fun they have with it!  Complete with Peppa and her family, the house is perfect for little hands that want to set up dinner for the characters, give them baths, help them get some sleep and more!  And I love that the “flip” features on the furniture let the kids imagine even more.  The TV ‘flips’ on and off, the table flips dinner, and the bubble bath even flips to reveal a ton of bubbles!  It is so cool.  My girls have it set up in the playroom and I catch them pretending all the time.  And that is what we want right?  Our kids to use their favorite characters to be creative and excited and use their imagination!

The Hug ‘n Oink Peppa

Peppa Pig

This soft and squeezable toy is PERFECT for the littlest of fans!  Hand her over to your little one and watch as they hug her and hear her oink, snort and giggle!  We loved this toy so much that we gifted it to a little girl who was turning 3 in our neighborhood!  Apparently, she is a big hit and the little girls loves her a ton!

The Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List Book

Books are my number 1 favorite way to get my kids doing!  I even turned a room in the house into a library so that I could encourage the beauty, fun and discovery that can only come with the written word!  Peppa and her family and friends save Christmas Day!  As an added bonus, this hard bound, colorful book comes with a reversible book cover that can be colored!  That was an awesome surprise for my kids!

Peppa Pig

The Peppa Pig  DVD

Commercial free, boring free and entertaining for kids of all ages, the NEW Peppa Pig DVD’s are a HIT with any fan! This 50 minute Birthday Party DVD is perfect for TV time and helps create the world in which your children will play with the toys.  Join Peppa and her brother as they fly a kite, help Daddy Pig find his glasses and more!  Compliment this 10 episode DVD with the Birthday Party Toy Set for the playhouse!

This new line of toys is a hit with all of my girls.  And I can further entertain them by going to www.PeppaPig.com for games, more stories to read and more!

Next time you are at Toys ‘R Us, check out the new product line for Peppa Pig!  You will love what they offer and the fun your kids wil l have with them!

**I received these toys for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**