Peppa Pig is a friend to my girls. She and her family have been oinking their way into all of our hearts for years now. A curious little pig, Peppa lives in the UK and speaks in her little British accent, enchanting my girls from start to finish. I love when it comes on Nick Jr (check your local listings) but I love even more when new books, Peppa Pig toys and other engaging items (like the NEW APP) are released for my kids to love even more!

Peppa Pig Toys & Books

About a week ago, we got the best box ever. Inside was the NEW book, Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School, Bedtime Peppa Pig and Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa Pig. Now available at Toys ‘R Us, you can get your little one a bath, to bed and happy with these books!

My little one, Megan, squealed with delight when I showed her what was in the box.

Peppa Pig Toys & Books

She has not put her down since. She carries her and her little attached blanket everywhere. She pushed her belly and Peppa Pig sings to Megan. She puts her down and she ‘snores’ and sings a bedtime song. When she picks her up the next day, she sings a wake up song, her little cheeks lighting up with every song. It is just plain CUTE!

The Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa makes bath time a blast. The bathtub affixes to the bathtub wall and Peppa and her brother George entertain the entire time. There is a bathing brush that the girls can use to wash Peppa and her brother and a squirter that is just fun. Peppa’s ‘muddy spots’ disappear in water making the girls feel like they have bathed her properly!

Peppa Pig Toys & Books

I, as a mom, love that my girls love to read so much! So the new book, Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School was a hit the moment I saw it. As we follow Peppa through art time, reading time, lunch and recess, she looks forward to the talent show portion of the day. But as her fellow students perform things she wanted to do, she starts to think she has no talent at all.

Peppa Pig Toys & Books

As an added bonus for Peppa Pig, be sure to get the NEW Peppa Pig Sports App! My girls LOVE it and as they make ice cream, play games and win ribbons, I love that they are learning counting, teamwork and more!

peppa sports app

For a while now we have been excited about all of the Peppa Pig toys, DVD’s, books and more. Be sure to check your local Toys ‘R Us for these new toys and everything Peppa! I bet your kids will love her as much as mine do!

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