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The Valentine Class parties are upon us and, if you are like me, a mad dash to the store last minute for class Valentine’s is always a fun thing. Especially when you get to a large box store and everything is so picked through that you have to spend an hour piecing things together. Not to mention that you have not gotten that perfect Valentine for your own child! Lucky for me – and you – Hallmark and the Hallmark Stores have the perfect Valentines for the class and your child, in stock, nicely displayed. In addition, they are so adorable and awesome that kids everywhere will be talking about them! The best ones to get are the Penny Paperheart Hearts of Kindness Kit with 27 cards, 12 folded cards and 12 Hearts of Kindness for extra special friends. While you are at Hallmark, get your own child the most adorable Penny Paperheart deluxe playset!

Hallmark has Valentine's Covered with Unique Cards and Penny Paperheart Playset + Giveaway

My girls are absolutely in love with the Penny Paperheart playset. Also available in other characters, including Pax and puppies, these playsets have a super cute stuffed doll – that’s Penny – a page of perf-out “Hearts of Kindness”,  a page of perf-out accessories, page of perf-out clothes, a Penny book, which features a paper Penny; plastic stand, which allows Penny to become a play piece; and a removable heart on the back page of book plus a drawer to store the contents!

I gave this to my girls early and they love to play with it! My little one dresses Penny in and out of the cute clothes and they use the fabric doll to take care of the dog and cat and to ‘manage’ the house. It is so cute and so fun and the book included encourages them to read and learn more!

When you are at Hallmark getting your Penny Paperheart Valentine’s, pick up one of the playsets for your kids!

Hallmark has Valentine's Covered with Unique Cards and Penny Paperheart Playset + Giveaway

But to the Valentines, because that is what we all need from Hallmark, are the reason you go NOW. These super cute Penny Paperheart Valentines have everything you need for your child’s class. The large kit covers two of my girls classes. I just got lollipops to go in them and we were done. Easy, fun and easily the cutest ones being handed out at the school parties!

My daughter’s chose some of the cards to add the Hearts of Kindness to and those little friends will be so excited to have the ‘extra’. The folded cards are perfect for teachers too!

Hallmark has Valentine's Covered with Unique Cards and Penny Paperheart Playset + Giveaway

Do you want to win a Penny Paperheart Hearts of Kindness Kit from me? Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

Giveaway ends 2/14/2014 (can not guarantee Valentine delivery). Giveaway open to US Residents, 18+.