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It is HOT this summer in Texas.  I think it rained for about a millisecond the other day.  Other than that, the kids and I are sweating bullets any time we go outside.  And though I have them in camps and occupied  INdoors most of the day, it is still a real danger that they overheat and get dehydrated.

That is why I am so excited to have been introduced to NEW PediaOne Oral Rehydration Therapy!


Yes, water is a major part of our day.  But when the kids get too hot-  or in the future when they get a stomach ailment that causes them to dehydrate  – PediaOne has a solution both my kids and I are excited about!

To sidetrack a little bit.  When my Sarah was 2 – she is 5 now – she got a stomach virus that got seriously out of control fast.  We ended up being sent by ambulance to Texas Children’s Hospital where it took an experimental treatment to get her rehydrated.  It was a terrible experience.  And I never want to see any children go through the poking, collapsed veins and other traumas that she endured in that 18 hour period.


So to find something they will willingly drink when they are needing some real fluids is awesome to me!

PediaOne comes in large 1 Liter bottles and 8 ounce smaller bottles.  The flavors range from Citrus Blend to White Grape & Pear to Mixed Berry flavors.  And my kids loved every one of them!

And that is tough for mine since they rarely drink juice.

I love that this product is available for my kids and in such fun flavors.  Learn more about this all natural rehydration drink on their Facebook Page.  And see more information on their YouTube Channel too!


Are you serious about your children’s hydration this summer?  Pick up PediaOne at your local grocery store.